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About Juridicon Law Firm

Juridicon Law Firm is a law firm focused on protecting its business clients from unforeseen risks, with particular expertise in the fields of tax audits, due diligence and joint ventures. Based in Vilnius, Lithuania, Juridicon aims to put its clients’ interests first, an approach that won the firm a spot in the 2009 ranking of Lithuania’s top 14 leading companies.

The Challenge

Efficient communication is crucial, especially in the law field. Without a clear system for internal communication that allows for easily sending and receiving information when needed, a law firm could experience a significant time drain. In order to best meet its core mission of providing its business clients with the best possible service, Juridicon Law Firm was looking for an internal communication system that would save its team time by providing quick and efficient communication. Given the sensitive nature of its work meant that this communication system had to also come with the highest level of security.

The Solution

Juridicon Law Firm found in Brosix exactly what it was looking for, a secure internal team communication solution that would allow for quick and efficient communication. With Brosix’s peer to peer text chat and file transfer features, the firm’s team now stays in constant contact, avoiding time drains due to slow response times. Juridicon is also able to maintain the highest level of security given Brosix’s data encryption and other security measures. Juridicon’s internal communication has improved so much that the firm estimates that it saves more than 50 hours per month, time that it can dedicate to providing its clients with the high level of service they have come to expect.

The Conclusion

A business’s internal communication, when structured properly, can save both time and keep sensitive information protected. This is particularly important in the law field, a field that is focused on providing clients with the highest level of service while protecting their personal information. Juridicon Law Firm has found that with Brosix it is able to protect its clients’ data while at the same time saving its team time through quicker and more efficient communication.

Information about Juridicon Law Firm can be found at https://juridicon.lt/

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