Brosix 10th Year of Service

10 years of business instant messaging services

In June 2006, Brosix, led by CEO Stefan Chekanov, began to provide customers with its secure enterprise instant messaging service.
Over the past 10 years, the company has continued to provide service to thousands of customers from one side of the globe to the next.

Furthermore, regular updates and product development has helped it become one of the top IM applications for safety, security, and convenience.

Chekanov is particularly proud of the fact that Brosix has been growing since day one: “In the early years of Brosix, we knew that we were onto something big. People were looking for a secure and efficient way to communicate with coworkers and clients. By continually updating our service, we have been able to give companies exactly what they want.”

Although Brosix has accomplished a lot over the years, the company continues to build out its product while taking into consideration the wants and needs of its target market.
“We understand that technology is always on the move,” added Chekanov. “For this reason, we never sit still when it comes to product development. In the months and years to come, we have plenty of updates to add, all of which will make for a better overall user experience.”
Brosix has a variety of plans for celebrating its 10th year of service, with more details being released as 2016 wears on.

Stefan Chekanov

Stefan is a Co-Founder and a President of Brosix. His many years experience as a programmer, give him an unique perspective to lead the team and build Brosix in a way to best serve the customers.

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