Instant Messaging Tips and Tricks

A Secure Instant Messenger for Business Communication

Facilitating communication and collaboration is a goal for any successful business. The market has many free consumer applications in this regard, but given that they were not designed with businesses in mind, they all have significant drawbacks concerning employee productivity, security and the features they provide. Brosix, however, is...

Instant Messaging in Corporations- Pros and Cons

Efficient internal communication is crucial to any corporation, but finding the right tool can be a challenge. While there are a number of free public IM applications which offer differing packages of features, they all come with several issues related to reduced security and employee productivity. There are measures...

P2P File Transfer: The Process and Benefits

The modern business environment increasingly relies on the quick and reliable transfer of data for various crucial operations. There are several methods through which data can be transferred, but many of the most common, such as through email systems, contain serious drawbacks. These drawbacks range from security risks to...