Pictures with Brosix for Android

Send Pictures with Brosix for Android

One of the most popular features available for Brosix instant messenger app for Android is picture file transfer. This feature allows users to send and receive pictures from other Android and iPhone users as well as sending pictures to PC users. You can select a picture from the panel in the phone’s gallery or take a new picture.
When a picture is received, the user can select from the extra menu whether to forward it to another user from the contact list or save it on the Android device.

Other Updates


Brosix has made a few updates for the Android application including compatibility with a wide range of tablets and improved emoticons located under the photo buttons. Users can use them to put more emotional emphasis on their chats.

Brosix Development Team has also resolved different types of bugs to improve the overall stability and functionality of the mobile app.

Geo-location feature brings up to Brosix being one of the most useful mobile phone applications for real-chat.

Stay tuned for the upcoming release of the new version of Brosix for Android.

Get Brosix for Android from Google Play.

Stefan Chekanov

Stefan is a Co-Founder and a President of Brosix. His many years experience as a programmer, give him an unique perspective to lead the team and build Brosix in a way to best serve the customers.

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