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Pictures with Brosix for iPhone

August 22, 2013   News

Send Pictures with Brosix for iPhone

One of the features available for the Brosix application for iPhone is picture file transfer. This feature allows users to send and receive pictures from other Android and iPhone user as well as PC users. From the panel, users can select and send an existing picture from the phone’s gallery or take a new photo instantly.
When the picture is received on the iPhone, the user could select to forward it to another contact in the contact list or save it in the gallery.

Other Updates

Brosix for iphone send pictureApart from the photo sharing feature, there are new updated emoticons that could be found below the photo buttons. Users can use them to add more emotional emphasis on their chats.

Brosix Development Team has also successfully resolved different types of bugs and improved the overall stability of the iPhone Brosix application.

Geo-location feature is also a new addition to the feature list available for iPhone certainly makes the Brosix application one of the most functional instant messaging applications of all time.

Brosix Instant Messenger prioritizes the needs of our ever-growing user base and accepts the challenge to constantly improve the IM app. Send Picture feature is available for our Personal and Enterprise usrs.

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