Brosix version 3.3

The new version of Brosix provides current and new customers with improved features and functionality. Brosix continues its commitment to providing customers and clients with one of the most well-supported enterprise instant messengers by offering regular updates as needed on a routine basis.

More important improvements included in version 3.3 of Brosix Instant Messenger are:

  • Multi-monitor support for screenshot and screen-sharing.
  • Screenshot feature is upgraded – new editing functionalities are added and screenshot conference is implemented (sending one screenshot to many contacts).
  • Sticky notifications are improved and some new configuration options are added for the chat popup notifications.
  • Auto away status when full screen application is active (Windows only) and when the computer is locked.
  • Audio / improvements for slow connections and limited bandwidth.
  • Contacts dialog search – multi selection and multi add feature to add contact dialog.
  • New communication server – with new protocol which will improve connection stability.
  • Minor tweaks onWelcome plugin, Whiteboard feature, Custom logo positioning (on skin change), Chat history, Co-Browse, File transfer, Incoming call message box, Brosix themes.

The Brosix Team is always striving to provide improved features and better functionality.

Stay tuned for future updates and have a great IM experience with Brosix.

Stefan Chekanov

Stefan is a Co-Founder and a President of Brosix. His many years experience as a programmer, give him an unique perspective to lead the team and build Brosix in a way to best serve the customers.

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