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Brosix Plans for 2017

brosix new year
Brosix Instant Messenger at the end of 2016 At the end of 2016 we have to say Good buy to one very successful year, which was one of the tenth that made Brosix a better product. Thanks to our clients, we managed to improve many aspects of the application...

Cyber Security Myths Debunked

Cyber Security Myths Debunked
When it comes to cyber security, it goes without saying that every company has concerns. After all, there’s nothing more worrisome than a security breach that could cost your company time and money, along with its good reputation. Take for example the Target security breach of 2014. Here’s a...

What is a Peer to Peer (P2P) File Transfer?

What is a P2P file transfer
Table of Contents P2P- a Concept with Many ApplicationsP2P File TranferBenefits of Using P2P File TransferSpeed and EfficiencyData SecurityWhat Makes Brosix’s P2P File Transfer Unique?Unlimited size transfersEnd to end data protectionP2P file transfer as part of one comprehensive package In Conclusion P2P- a Concept with Many Applications P2P, or...