19 Working From Home Memes to Brighten Your Day

Before the pandemic working remotely on a daily basis, or even a hybrid work schedule was nothing more than a sweet dream for most of us.

Many of us fantasized about working remotely from a picturesque cottage overlooking breathtaking mountain views and tending a vegetable garden after work.

However, reality has shown that’s not quite the case for the majority of us who are working remotely.

Nonetheless, with remote work becoming the new normal after the outbreak of the COVID19 pandemic, employees worldwide were given the chance to improve their work-life balance.

Undeniably, remote work is here to stay. As several remote work statistics have indicated it offers numerous benefits to both organizations and employees. From cost optimization to increased employee productivity, its advantages are indisputable.

Among the most noteworthy perks of a remote work environment is, for example, reduced distractions.

However, as awesome as it can sometimes be, remote work is not challenge-free, as we all probably know. There are plenty of technical glitches and time-management issues remote employees face.

During quarantine some heroes of the internet turned these struggles into hilarious work from home memes.

When life gives you lemons…make memes?

If you’re coming up against challenges as a remote worker, know that you’re not alone. Here are some working from home memes we hope will brighten your day!

1.Expectations vs. reality working from home memes

How did you imagine a remote work scenario before the pandemic? Is it to some extent similar to what remote work actually is nowadays?

Truth be told, remote work has proven to be beneficial in many situations. The biggest advantage being, time.

Without having to waste hours commuting, employees are now able to devote more time and energy to their personal growth. Thanks to the time gained many employees have focused more on their families and hobbies, taking steps towards a more balanced life.

This is amazing!

However, remote work is not rainbows and sunshine all the time.

Sometimes, working remotely can be a real hindrance against productivity because it can actually bring increased distractions.

Also, the lack of or reduced physical socialization between co-workers can alter the team’s ability to collaborate and communicate effectively.

Moving forward, we’ll showcase some classic remote work struggles through juicy memes about the expectations vs. reality of remote work.

Brosix meme 9 Brosix meme 10Brosix meme 10 Brosix meme 7 Brosix meme 5 Brosix meme 15 Brosix meme 14

2.Working from home with kids memes

We mentioned distractions earlier, no prizes for guessing that parents usually face the most distractions when working remotely. Having the little ones running around the house can obviously affect parents’ ability to focus, impacting their productivity.

Clearly, there are many elements that influence the efficiency of remote work – from each employee’s rhythm and state of mind, to the work setting and more.

Each workplace demands distinct roles and tasks be performed, which should be carefully considered when creating any schedule, be it remote or hybrid.

Here are a couple of funny memes we’re sure many parents working remotely will find relatable.

Brosix meme 16

3.Productivity working from home memes

According to several remote work statistics, lack of motivation is a pressing challenge of working remotely for a number of employees.

Facing a myriad of distractions – from social media to kids buzzing in the background – remote work requires real self-discipline in order to stay on track and be productive.

Procrastination – on the other hand – is another significant challenge that employees working remotely face nowadays. There are plenty of techniques to fight it, like breaking larger tasks into smaller parts, prioritizing the most important assignments, and many more.

Nevertheless, the hustle to improve productivity is real, as many hilarious memes about working from home – like the ones below – have pointed out.

Brosix meme 12 Brosix meme 11

4.Working from home meeting memes

With pretty much all workplace communication being technology-mediated, a lot of  – sometimes funny, other times annoying, situations arise. We’ve all had our fair share of them.

Even so, regular conferences are not only a time-efficient way of delivering information, but audio and video meetings offer a more informal opportunity for co-workers to catch up, strengthen relationships and improve team communication.

With Zoom being the most popular tool for calls during the pandemic, let’s have a look at some ace Zoom meeting memes presenting the everyday hassles of remote employees.

Brosix meme 3 Brosix meme 8 Brosix meme 1 Brosix meme 6 Brosix meme 4

Overall, video and audio meetings when working from home offer exquisite material for funny remote work memes.

Whether portraying the classic waking up 30 seconds before a meeting starts, or situations in which co-workers forgot to mute their mics, it’s all so relatable, isn’t it?

5.More funny working from home memes

Since there was no transition period between the old work scene and the current remote work trend, most employees seem to have adapted pretty well to working remotely.

Struggles are, of course, unavoidable and will continue to exist.

The upside being, that this will probably lead to more working-from-home memes in the future.

Anyhow, in the meantime, let’s continue enjoying a couple of funny work-from-home memes.

Brosix meme 2 Brosix meme 18 Brosix meme 17

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Wrap up

While some of these memes may have made remote work look pretty unproductive and riddled with distractions, that’s not quite the case. Even though remote work brings challenges, working from the office also has its share of disadvantages.

All that being said, which work from home memes do you relate to the most?

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