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Team Creativity

9 Best Practices to Inspire Team Creativity

Creativity is one of the most sought-after components in the workplace today. Regardless of the industry, size of the organization, or functionality of the team, everyone’s after innovative ways...
Ensure secure file transfer

How to Ensure Secure File Transfers in 2020: Tips and Tools

Secure file transfers are more important than ever. As the world becomes increasingly data-dependent, sending and receiving files securely and efficiently is critical to business processes like enterprise security,...
How to Stay Organized at Work

How to Stay Organized at Work

Staying organized at work can often turn into a real challenge – especially when working remotely. Even if you work in an office, the challenge remains the same, albeit...
New live chat feature

Newly Revamped Live Chat Feature Released

Supporting businesses to best serve their customers is a top priority at Brosix. In these times of instant communication, it’s beneficial for businesses to immediately communicate with customers through...
Free Instant Messenger

Is Your Free Instant Messenger Really Free?

Free instant messaging has exploded in popularity. With more than 7 billion instant messaging users worldwide, the technology – also known as IM – is the most popular way to...
Virtual Team Challenges

6 Virtual Team Challenges and Proven Ways to Solve Them

Even before COVID-19 forced companies everywhere to start working remotely, virtual teams were becoming the new norm. These teams, which consist of workers in different geographic locations, have been...