Brosix for iOS version 3.0

February 20, 2013   News

Brosix Instant Messenger for iOS version 3.0

Brosix for iPhone

The new version 3.0 of Brosix for iOS devices is now available. It includes the following features:

  • Geo-location – All the mobile instant messaging users of iOS will be able to exchange geographical positions between each other.
  • Multiple languages – The newest version will support 5 of the most popular languages among mobile users of Brosix for iOS including: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and Bulgarian.

As always, the Brosix team does whatever it takes to meet and exceed the needs of our ever growing user base. The Geo-location feature is free to all Brosix Personal users and it is included in Brosix Enterprise.

Check out this cool YouTube video review of Brosix for iPhone.

Get Brosix for iOS from the AppStore or Brosix download site.