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Brosix Instant Messenger Feature: Broadcast Message

November 30, 2016   Instant Messaging

With the Brosix’s Broadcast Message you can send a message to a group of people in your broadcast list all at the same time. This application is accessible to employees, and not for partner or customer applications. Employees’ non-productive time will be minimized and office matters can be discussed through their computers. The usual time of attending meetings and waiting for everyone to be present or going to other departments for coordination will be reduced.

Vital information is sent directly to the recipient/(s) by the manager and other users.

Normally the message is of utmost importance, such as an instruction from the boss, due date of a report, reminder of a meeting, discussion on office work, and a venue to release the latest company news. An individual or a group can receive the message depending on the sender’s preference.

By selecting a group and clicking on the Text chat button, a chat conference with the group will open

It’s like having a personal meeting – the difference is you are using the computer as a medium in the conversation and not the physical voice. There will be instructions, exchange of ideas and call to action on critical matters.

If the recipient is offline, the message that was sent will still be received by the recipient as soon as he/she gets online.
The offline message will be kept for 10 days. After this period it will be considered expired and will be deleted from the message queue.

You can be reached only by people in your broadcast list

Those that are not in the broadcast list will not be able to get in touch with you. Communication can only be established with him/her only if you grant permission.

One of our main concerns is spamming; sending useless messages to a group can be used to disturb others. Strict control and restrictions is the easy approach for this feature, but this will be detrimental to the major emphasis of Brosix which is ease of use.

Managers will play a key role in the optimization of the feature and will control spam practice. They will have control over the Brosix Web Control Panel, where they can enable the feature on a limited group.

Managers have the authority to determine which users can broadcast messages. They have control to enable or disable the feature to individual users.