Instant Messaging Tips and Tricks

Using an Instant Messenger for Work

employees communication
Even though Brosix offers a public version, the company also provides an enterprise version of its popular application With this, companies are able to create a private instant messaging network for internal communication. Most Brosix users have found that the use of private instant messaging for work offers a...

Everything You Need to Know About File Transfers

brosix file transfer
Do you remember the days when email was only one way to transfer files with coworkers, customers, and prospects? There are still times when email makes the most sense, but there is another option in today’s world: an enterprise instant messaging application. At Brosix, for example, we provide unlimited...

Building Relationships Through IM

A Communication Tool for Any Situation We’ve previously discussed the importance of staying on track while using an Instant Messenger, but we a Brosix believe that IM can be both an effective workplace tool and at the same time a means to get to know co-workers better on a...