Instant Messaging Tips and Tricks

Using Brosix on the Go

brosix mobile
Have you had a chance to download the iPhone or Android version of the Brosix instant messaging application yet? The application can either be used as an instant messenger for work or with the public or free version on Brosix. The program works with your existing logins for either...

Using Instant Messaging in the Work Environment

instant messenger
With instant messaging, you get rapid information workflow and can multitask Instant messaging type of applications can be abused in working environment by personal “chatting” that results in decreased productivity, instant messaging in the office is overall an invaluable tool for team communication. Before its creation, communication was limited...

Cultivating a Remote Team for Your Organization

remote work
Organizations both small and big are looking for newer ways to collaborate efficiently and rapidly – remote teams Many organizations today have a global footprint with employees in different countries and offices; remote teams/the work from home culture is also gaining popularity with tech companies in particular. In such...

Benefits of Instant Messaging

brosix chat
Brosix¬†a direct link between related users, thus fostering a greater and increasingly solid rapport among colleagues. No longer does one need to open an email client, insert subject data, compose the body of the message, confirm the recipient’s email address, and finally ensure that formatting is correct. Messages sent...
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