How to Better Communicate with Co-Workers

Communicate with Co-Workers Any time you are in a workplace, communicating effectively with co-workers and employees is essential to keep productivity levels and workplace morale as high as possible. When you are trying to better communicate with your co-workers, there are a few tips available to help you adjust...

Send unlimited size files anywhere in the world

unlimited file transfer
Brosix file transfer service is unlimited Have you ever wondered how to send large files, without using cloud storage services or incurring extra charges? This is possible with Brosix. Furthermore, there is no additional charge to use the feature, as its included with every plan. You can send large...

Cyber Security Myths Debunked

cybersecurity myths
When it comes to cyber security, it goes without saying that every company has concerns. After all, there’s nothing more worrisome than a security breach that could cost your company time and money, along with its good reputation. Take for example the Target security breach of 2014. Here’s a...

What is Peer to Peer file transfer?

file transfer
Peer to peer file transfer is the process of sharing digital data from one device to another. The transfer is between 2 end users, computers, connected through Internet. To conduct a P2P transfer, users need to install Peer to Peer software. Brosix offers P2P unlimited file size transfer as...
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