Instant Messaging Tips and Tricks

Making Decisions Via Instant Messaging

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Why is Instant Messaging so Powerful? Instant messaging is a great tool to use when trying to make decisions, whether they be big or small, business or personal. There are several instances where your instant messaging contacts could give you advice on decisions, such as: Where to eat lunch...

Instant Messenger Security Issues and Solutions

Instant Messenger Security
Instant Messenger Security With identity theft and corporate espionage on the rise, having instant messenger security is essential now more than ever. Hackers can use instant messaging as an unchecked doorway into any computer. Once a hacker has the “in” on one computer, the instant messaging software can be...

Customer Service & Instant Messaging

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Who is using Instant Messaging services? Many companies, from the cable TV provider to the local library, as using instant messaging as a way to provide support to their customers. Having trained staff that are can be available 24/7 or just during business hours- may be just what customers...

The Many Uses for a Business Instant Messenger

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A business instant messenger is a great productivity tool for any office It will help increase the efficiency with which your business can communicate between different departments and locations. An enterprise business instant messenger client is engineered – for business use specifically – to allow IT administrators to create...

Corporate Instant Messenger Checklist

Corporate Instant Messenger criteria Like most businesses these days, you might be considering a corporate instant messenger as a means to increase security and productivity. So what are the key features you should be looking for? How can you tell if your top choice is really the best corporate...

How to Better Communicate with Co-Workers

Any time you are in a workplace, communicating effectively with co-workers and employees is essential to keep productivity levels and workplace morale as high as possible. When you are trying to better communicate with your co-workers, there are a few tips available to help you adjust with any type...
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