Instant Messaging Tips and Tricks

Using Brosix for Presentations

how to use brosix
Using Brosix for Presentations: Video and Audio Welcome back to the how to use Brosix to give free presentations series.  Today we are going to look at how to do an audio presentation element and a video presentation. To use Brosix to do an audio conference preset simply: Send ahead...

How business people communicate?

How men and women communicate via instant messengers While instant messaging may have started as a social fad back in the 1990’s, today’s business market has come to depend on it. More and more business women and men are turning to instant messaging services for their business communication needs....

Softphone for call centers and contact centers

Enhance productivity with Brosix Softphone dialer solution Making phone calls through the Internet is the best way to increase productivity of call agents and decrease phone bills in a large scale. Brosix offers a softphone dialer solution with voice, video, and text chat features. The softphone is a solution...

Is Instant Messaging Good For Networking?

office communication
When we ask the question “Is instant messaging good for networking?”? We don’t mean contacting random people online in order to get to know more people. But we do think that networking is something that can be done through instant messaging. For example, take into consideration someone who is just starting a...

IM to communicate quickly and effortlessly

How important is to be communicative Let’s face it. Some people are a bit more tech-savvy than others, as this little example demonstrates. Clearly the “chatters” had access to the internet, otherwise, they couldn’t be chatting! And that’s why instant messaging is so important – it creates instant access...

Workplace Instant Messaging Best Practices

messenger best practices
Instant messaging in the workplace differs significantly from friendly instant messaging After all, the workplace is a formal environment and instant messaging is no exception. This article will share some basic common practices and professional etiquette for instant messaging in the workplace. In informal instant messaging, it is acceptable...
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