Instant Messaging for the Office Today

team communication
Instant messaging was the quickest way to talk to someone back in the 1990’s . As technology progressed and social media emerged, instant messages slowly became all but obsolete. Text messaging slowly phased out the IM, or so people thought. Instant messaging is making a comeback and especially in...

The Relevance of Instant Messenger

instant messenger
One example of the compelling nature of instant messenger is how long it has remained popular in the computing/Internet world. The only other computerized messaging technique that has shown such an enduring popularity is e-mail, which is now deeply ingrained in virtually every corporate culture. Yet IM remains something...

Whiteboards are Ideal for Training

In these difficult times many companies are cutting back their training budgets as a way to cut back expenses Unfortunately, that can come with some pretty unpleasant consequences. If you cut expensive 3rd party training then you could end up with: Staff who feel that you are not looking...

Why your Boss will Love Instant Messaging

Instant messaging is becoming a way of life for many employees within many industries And believe it or not, the higher-ups in these companies are benefiting from instant messaging as well. Below are three reasons why your boss will love using an instant messaging application as often as possible...
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