WebApp calls Brosix

TheWebAppMarket calls Brosix, an instant business messaging app for small, mid-sized, and large companies. 

 TheWebAppMarket calls Brosix, an instant business messaging app for small, mid-sized, and large companies. Businesses are provided with their very own secure, cloud-based private team networks. These networks help enterprises manage their communication through administrative and collaborative platforms. Teams can use file transfer features, private and group chats, instant screenshots, screen sharing, and many other features using encrypted communication mediums. 

With Brosix, businesses can organize video conferencing with teams, carry out offline messaging without an internet connection, view chat history and user status visibility. Chat rooms are available, and Brosix automatically checks spelling and grammar while users are chatting and using the virtual whiteboard.

The Brosix App supports Windows, Android, Linux, Mac, and iOS devices, allowing colleagues to stay connected on multiple devices. Brosix’s innovation allows businesses to integrate their company’s logo into the team network to increase publicity. The administrative features assist teams indirectly in managing their team communication. Administrators can set up user contact lists to access a few facilities like creating private teamwork, working team network activities on the web control panel, etc.   

Andreyana Kulina

Andreyana Kulina is a Digital Marketing Specialist at Brosix, specializing in Content marketing and outreach strategies. Besides her passion for digital marketing, she likes hiking and mountain-biking.