Customer Service and Instant Messaging

Customer Service & Instant Messaging

November 14, 2016   Instant Messaging

Who is using Instant Messaging services?

Many companies, from the cable TV provider to the local library, as using instant messaging as a way to provide support to their customers.
Having trained staff that are can be available 24/7 or just during business hours- may be just what customers need in this type of instant communication world.

Communication channel with customers

For businesses and organizations that feel overwhelmed by the constant use of other communication channels by customers as a way to reach them- email, phone, fax- instant messaging is a new way to reach out to customers that will provide them with the answers they need in a secure environment. It may also free up some of the time spent on the phone, creating more productive employees and happier customers.

While IMing with a customer, an employee is more efficiently able to look up information relevant to the customer’s request, answer a verbal question from a co-worker, and answer the phone if needed. While being able to focus completely on the customer at all times is certainly a priority, not being able to multi-task many being more harm than good to overall office productivity.

It is now more vital than ever to be available to all customers in whatever capacity they desire- whether that be through email, web, telephone, or instant messaging. Staying on the cutting edge of communication will also acquire customer’s respect and show that your organization is most interested in being available to them whenever they need you.

Customer Care

In a down economy it is customer care that can make the difference between your business doing well or your business being a casualty of the recession. Smart companies are doing everything possible to retain loyalty from their clients and one major tactic is typically upping customer care. Unanswered emails, phone calls not being returned… all of these can result in your customer looking elsewhere. In other words now is the time to make sure that you are responsive to consumer needs.

Instant Messaging

One major way to make yourself more available (and one of the reasons that I consider Brosix to be the best IM client for your business) is through instant messaging. As we outlined numerous times before Brosix offers the ability to quickly and efficiently respond to consumers. It allows companies to add valued clients to their network so that they might interact with them at all times – and if those interactions include documents that need to be secure then Brosix will help make sure they stay safe.

Beyond those features, Brosix offers a number of collaboration tools including the ability to screen share. These can prove incredibly useful for customer support situations as you may be able to actually view the problem rather than listening to them describe it and taking a guess. Lots of companies are beginning to institute live chat customer support on their website but those chats are often clunky and poorly designed which can lead to greater frustration than benefits.

When I recently attempted to use the live chat module on one companies website I gave up after the third time it froze up and then resorted to calling them and being on hold for twenty minutes – needless to say that by the end of the process I was not a happy customer.