The 14 Best Customer Service Tools to Empower Lasting Customer Success in 2024

Today, customer support teams are under pressure to deliver answers to customer questions and resolve issues fast. Customers not only demand speed but also smooth communication from start to finish.

Your team needs to be easily reachable and readily able to provide timely IT assistance, sales support, and complete customer service at the drop of a dime.

As technology evolves, customer service teams go fully remote, and the platforms that customers use to interact with companies shift online, providing good technical support is a challenge. However, it doesn’t have to be.

A good customer service tool can help. And there are tons of tools out there to help you fix lackluster support or scale it up a notch.

So, whether you need to simplify customer communication, swiftly resolve technical problems and issues, or keep your audience engaged, find below the best customer support tools to keep your customers coming back.

Overview of the Top Customer Support Tools for 2024

BrosixSecure messaging and live chat for faster customer support
AsanaProject management tool with IT help desk
JiraProject management tool for internal support communication
GuruKnowledge base software for support teams
TeamViewerRemote tech support tool
InvGateHelp desk ticketing system for customer self-service 
WherebyLive chat and video conferencing for personalized customer support
Zoho SurveyCustomer feedback survey tool for enhanced customer support
Sprout SocialSocial media management tool for organizing incoming
messages and delegating them to specific team members
KontentinoSocial media management and task assignment tool for
better collaboration with clients and teams
FreshdeskCloud-based customer support and help desk tool
ZendeskTech support and help desk ticketing system
AvatierIdentity management software
GrammarlyGrammar checking for customer care teams

14 Best Customer Service Software to Elevate Customer Experience

Take your agent and customer interactions to the next level as you choose the right customer service software for your needs. Check out our list of the best customer service tools for 2024:

1. Brosix


With IT support issues, speed, and ease of communication are key. With Brosix, you get both.

Brosix, a powerful instant messenger for business, facilitates instantaneous team communication and collaboration. The lightning-fast live chat feature is designed to facilitate customer support in real time.

Customer success is only as effective as your internal communication. That’s why each Brosix team network is fully private, stacked with productivity tools, and administrable in a way that suits your business.

  • Individually authorize Brosix network access
  • Customize chat spaces for specific teams or groups on the network (ideal for establishing a custom collaboration space for your support team)
  • Make crystal-clear voice and video calls
  • Share your screen or grant teammates remote desktop access
  • Send instant screenshots
  • Manage users, features, shared chat spaces, and more on an individual or group basis

Brosix doesn’t just deliver dynamic communication and problem-solving capabilities in the office. Brosix Live Chat empowers real-time customer engagement to more efficiently resolve common customer issues.

Customer satisfaction with live chat software is on the rise. Embedding Live Chat into your website allows you to immediately connect with customers, provide live support, and more quickly meet customer needs. No fumbling with phone support, agonizing wait times, or wordy emails.

Better yet, Brosix’s Live Chat fully integrates into your team network. Agents can seek support from one another and collaborate using the chat features and productivity tools at their disposal, such as chat rooms, voice and video calls, screen sharing, and screenshots.

And just like each Brosix Team Network, it’s all fully encrypted, so you can resolve customer inquiries and issues efficiently and securely.

“Using Brosix at Select Software Reviews lowered our usual response time from hours to minutes. Because of this immediacy, customers felt appreciated and heard, resulting in increased satisfaction rates. For example, during a crucial software issue, our team might lead a customer through troubleshooting procedures live, fixing their issue in one session.” — Phil Strazzulla, Founder, SelectSoftware Reviews

Brosix Live Chat features

  • Chat with multiple customers at once
  • Chat from your preferred desktop, web, or mobile platform
  • Activate a dedicated chat room for Live Chat Operators and tailor the group’s composition and access to each other
  • Record Live Chat conversations through your Brosix network’s User Activity Log
  • Tailor the Live Chat feature to your agents’ availability

Brosix pricing: Free team network for up to 3 users; team communication and productivity tools for $4.00 per user/month; full control, customization, and Live Chat for $6.00 per user/month. All prices are valid if billed yearly.

Pros and cons

Brosix ProsBrosix Cons
User-friendly interface and simple installation processThere could be more options for customizing the chats, stickers, emojis, etc.
High-level security and protection of customer data, including end-to-end encrypted conversations, peer-to-peer (P2P) file transfers, etc.Compared to some competitors, there are fewer third-party integrations
Any user on the team network can be assigned responsibility for Live Chat communications

Available on: Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, Web

User ratings:

  • Trustpilot 4.3 (Stars) from 14 people
  • Capterra 4.6 (Stars) from 71 people
  • G2 4.7 (Stars) from 44 people
Improve how your team supports customers and each other today.
Sign up for a Brosix Team Network

2. Asana


Collaboration tools don’t just feature heavily on this list. They dominate the world of customer support and are a must-have for your tech stack. And Asana’s no exception.

Asana’s primary job is keeping teams and tasks organized—no easy feat for support teams. Yet Asana manages it with ease.

With Asana, you can create an IT help desk where you can receive and manage IT help requests, track customer feedback, manage customer inquiries, and follow up with customers on specific topics and agreements. This is part of their commitment to delivering the best support. There’s also a customizable IT help desk template, and for sensitive IT issues, you can create a private project that only the support team can see.

Often, tech requests feed into larger-scale initiatives. To organize IT requests, instead of creating separate tasks, Asana allows you to store tasks in multiple projects and track work in both projects. The software shows the right information in the right context. Add a due time, so you never lose track of deadlines.

One way Asana differs from other tools is by allowing you to manage dependencies. You can specify the tasks that need to be completed before others can begin. This helps you avoid bottlenecks and situations where team members are waiting idly for their tasks, an aspect that could be improved with more efficient software for customer support.

“Our agency has been utilizing Asana for project management and task tracking, and it has greatly improved our customer support effectiveness. It allows us to assign tasks and deadlines to team members, prioritize important tasks, and keep everyone on the same page. This has helped streamline our support processes and ensure no customer inquiries slip through the cracks.” — Tom Molnar, Operations Manager, Fit Design

Asana pricing: Free unlimited tasks, projects, and conversations for up to 10 members; Starter for €10.99 per user/month; Advanced for €24.99 per user/month; Enterprise and Enterprise+ for a custom price. All prices are valid if billed yearly.

Pros and cons

Asana ProsAsana Cons
An intuitive and user-friendly interface that makes it easy for teams to get started and be productive quicklyNew users may face a long learning curve due to the software’s extensive features
Facilitates team collaboration, with features like task assignments, real-time updates, and commenting that help keep everyone on the same pageAllows one person to be assigned to a task, which can be challenging when needing to allocate work to multiple team members or when the assigned person is unavailable
Integrates with a wide range of third-party tools, allowing users to extend the platform’s capabilities and work seamlessly with other applications they use

Available on: iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Web

User ratings:

  • Trustpilot 2.4 (Stars) from 186 people
  • Capterra 4.5 (Stars) from 12,662 people
  • G2 4.3 (Stars) from 10,092 people

3. Jira


Jira is an issue and project tracking software from Atlassian. Bugs, problems, and issues have become standard for tech companies. Jira is software that enables you not only to organize it all but also to visualize it. This way, you can prioritize and solve the issues that matter to your customers and your business.

Through an agile ticketing system, Jira helps you coordinate fixes, track progress, and note feature customer requests. Track it all on the Kanban board to give your team full visibility.

Jira isn’t just for tracking bugs and issues, though. Customizable scrum boards help agile teams focus on delivering value incrementally yet swiftly. Reports provide access to actionable insights into team performance sprint over sprint. Jira bridges communication between support reps, developers, QA specialists, and even marketers to make customer success a team effort.

“Jira improved our issue tracking and resolution processes. Prior to Jira, handling and prioritizing client issues was chaotic. Now, every issue is immediately logged, tracked, and allocated to the appropriate team member. For example, during a critical bug fix period, Jira enabled us to monitor progress in real time and prioritize high-impact problems. This led to faster resolutions and fewer customer complaints.” — Axel Lavergne, Founder, Reviewflowz

Jira pricing: Freemium tool for 10 users; Standard for $850 per user/year; Premium for $1,600 per user/year; Enterprise for a custom price

Pros and cons

Jira ProsJira Cons
Highly customizable and designed for Agile and Scrum management, making it suitable for complex project management needsJira’s interface can be overwhelming for non-technical users due to its numerous advanced features, requiring a steep learning curve
Offers excellent issue management for bug and issue trackingThe direct collaboration features are limited compared to other software offerings
Provides robust reporting capabilities and automation options, allowing teams to track progress and optimize workflows efficientlyPresents a higher cost barrier to entry compared to other project management tools

Available on: iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Linux, Web, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure

User ratings:

  • Trustpilot 3.7 (Stars) from 1 person
  • Capterra 4.4 (Stars) from 14,227 people
  • G2 4.3 (Stars) from 5,877 people

4. Guru


Every team benefits from rich knowledge base software. IT and support teams, however, often need regular access to technical documents and information. As technology develops, so does the knowledge that support teams need to assist customers.

Guru is an information management tool that makes knowledge-based support a breeze. Guru integrates with a host of software and tools like Zendesk, Box, and Dropbox, so you can import and export info on the fly and create a single source of truth. Capture information from the web, edit it, and format it to suit your needs. Or, create documentation from scratch.

What makes Guru unique from other knowledge bases is how it delivers information. Guru stores information in digestible amounts on Cards. Each team manages the Cards in their Collection. The browser extension lets you access the Cards wherever you are online, so you can search your entire knowledge base without leaving the tab you’re in, enhancing customer conversation.

Build knowledge triggers into workflows or get suggestions from conversations in other apps, like Zendesk. Guru works with the tools you’re already using to sync the knowledge you already have. It’s a great way to keep support teams up to date and on the same page.

Guru pricing: Free trial for 30 days; All-in-one for $15 per user/month; Enterprise for a custom price. These prices are valid if billed yearly.

Pros and cons

Guru ProsGuru Cons
Powerful search and AI-powered answers allow users to quickly find the information they needSome users have expressed a desire for more flexibility in personalizing the dashboard and card designs
Provides a centralized repository for organizing and accessing company knowledge, helping to eliminate information silosOccasional glitches or reliability problems with Guru’s Chrome extension
Generally praised for its intuitive interface and features that facilitate team collaboration and knowledge sharingThe pricing model, which charges per user, can become more expensive for larger organizations with many team members

Available on: iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Web

User ratings:

  • Capterra 4.8 (Stars) from 309 people
  • G2 4.7 (Stars) from 1,752 people

5. TeamViewer


Customer support doesn’t always come with a canned response. Diagnosing the problem sometimes requires a hands-on approach. That’s where applications like TeamViewer’s remote support suite come in handy.

TeamViewer’s remote access and customer support tools allow individuals, teams, and large enterprises to connect to customer and client devices. It’s available in 30 languages, so you can support, troubleshoot, and resolve IT help requests and technical issues, even for those outside your organization, no matter where they are.

Customers or employees just need to click the link you provide them with to run TeamViewer’s Quick Support application on their computer. Agents can share their screens, share and access files, and even leave notes on remote computers. Support or training teams have at their disposal integrated service case management and integrations with service desk systems.

TeamViewer allows for multiple users on-screen, and hosts can hand off access or take control with ease, making it easy to hand over tickets or cases.

“TeamViewer has significantly improved our remote support capabilities. For example, a customer recently encountered a configuration issue that was difficult to explain. Our support person utilized TeamViewer to access the device, diagnose the problem, and resolve it in minutes, saving both time and frustration.” — Logan Mallory, Vice President of Marketing, Motivosity

TeamViewer pricing: Free personal screen sharing; Remote Access at $24.90/month; Business at $50.90/month for a single business user; Premium at $112.90/month for up to 300 users; Corporate at $229.90/month for up to 500 users; Enterprise at a custom price. These pricing plans are based on annual subscriptions.

Pros and cons

TeamViewer ProsTeamViewer Cons
User-friendly interface that’s simple for both novice and experienced users to navigate and useMight be expensive, especially for premium versions, which may be a barrier for small businesses or individuals on a budget
Offers strong security measures and is generally reliable, ensuring secure remote access and minimizing the risk of data breachesCan be slow or unreliable, especially over long distances or low-bandwidth connections, which can be frustrating for users
Provides a wide range of features, including remote control, file sharing, online meetings, and moreCompatibility issues with certain operating systems or versions

Available on: iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Linux

User ratings:

  • Trustpilot 4.6 (Stars) from 93,888 people
  • Capterra 4.6 (Stars) from 11,447 people
  • G2 4.4 (Stars) from 3,229 people

6. InvGate


Employees are customers, too. They need their computers to be up and running to do their job. They might need a password reset after they forget their corporate email password, or maybe their VPN connection from home is not working very well. InvGate Service Desk provides internal IT teams with a ticketing system and workflows that allow them to assign, escalate, and re-route requests according to department, urgency, and priority.

InvGate’s good-looking UI helps agents have a clear view of their ticket pipeline while being motivated by its gamification engine. A visual workflow designer lets you create a clear process for repetitive tasks like employee onboarding or password reset.

InvGate is one of the most popular customer self-service tools today. This software provides a customizable self-service portal that lets you create a catalog of services available to employees, be updated on the status of their tickets, and solve issues by themselves. This is possible through leveraging its knowledge base, which offers potential solutions based on natural language processing.

InvGate Service Desk is available on cloud or on-premises versions, offering scalable service cloud options.

InvGate‌ pricing‌: Starter for $17 per agent/month; Pro for $40 per agent/month; Enterprise for a custom price

Pros and cons

InvGate ProsInvGate Cons
Modern, user-friendly interface that makes it easy for customer service agents to navigate and manage their tasksSome users have reported limited customization options to tailor the platform to their specific needs
The visual workflow designer allows users to create streamlined processes for repetitive tasks, improving efficiency and consistencyImplementing and configuring InvGate Service Desk can have a steep learning curve
The customizable self-service portal empowers employees to resolve issues independentlyInvGate Service Desk’s pricing model, which is based on the number of agents, may be cost-prohibitive for smaller organizations with limited IT budgets

Available on: Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, Linux, Web

User ratings:

  • Capterra 4.6 (Stars) from 110 people
  • G2 4.7 (Stars) from 19 people

7. Whereby


Whereby is a browser-based video conferencing tool. You can host meetings by creating a room and sharing the link with your teammates.

What’s that got to do with customer support, you ask? With Whereby’s Meetings API, you can add video meetings to your website. That means you could set up consultations and provide live video support, like a virtual in-person help desk.

What’s more, Whereby’s recording feature allows you to create webinars, allowing you to personalize customer onboarding, training, and support. Record a webinar. Send it to customers. Or, upload it to a support or FAQ database.

It’s easy to use, so both techies and non-tech types can manage it. Go live instantly, share the URL with customers or clients, and visually connect with and engage with your customers.

Whereby pricing: Free for one meeting room and video calls for up to 100 participants; $8.99 per month for Pro; $11.99 per host/month for Business. The prices are based on a monthly subscription.

Pros and cons

Whereby ProsWhereby Cons
User-friendly interface and ease of use, making it accessible for both novice and experienced usersLacks some advanced features found in other video conferencing platforms, such as polling
Offers reliable and high-quality video calls with features like screen sharing, chat, and the ability to lock virtual rooms for added securityLimited integration options with other tools and platforms
Allows users to personalize their virtual rooms with custom backgrounds, logos, and branding, enhancing the overall customer service experienceOccasional technical issues, such as connectivity problems or audio/video delays, which can disrupt the meeting experience

Available on: macOS, Windows, Linux

User ratings:

  • Trustpilot 2.8 (Stars) from 20 people
  • Capterra 4.5 (Stars) from 117 people
  • G2 4.6 (Stars) from 1,114 people

8. Zoho Survey

Zoho Survey

To provide truly great support, you need to know what makes your customers happy. One of the best ways to increase customer satisfaction is through customer satisfaction surveys.

Zoho’s drag-and-drop interface, tons of question types, and customizable themes allow you to easily design professional surveys tailored to your business and support needs. Share your surveys instantly via social media, an email campaign, or a web link. Then get custom reports to visualize response trends and make informed decisions to enhance the customer experience.

Zoho Survey integrates with other tools in the Zoho family, like customer relationship management (CRM), sales, marketing, and booking apps.

Zoho pricing: Unlimited 10-question surveys for free; Plus for €25/month billed annually, Pro for €35 /month billed annually; Enterprise for €75/month billed annually

Pros and cons

Zoho ProsZoho Cons
An intuitive interface and straightforward usability, ensuring accessibility for both beginners and seasoned usersThe free plan of Zoho Survey has limited features and functionality compared to the paid plans
Integrates seamlessly with other Zoho apps, such as Zoho CRM and Zoho AnalyticsSome users have reported technical issues with offline surveys, such as difficulties in uploading responses or errors in data collection
Offers robust reporting tools, including multiple reports, filters, and crosstabs, making it easy to analyze and present survey results

Available on: Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, Linux, Web

User ratings:

  • Trustpilot 4.3 (Stars) from 4,785 people
  • Capterra 4.6 (Stars) from 420 people
  • G2 4.4 (Stars) from 873 people

9. Sprout Social

Sprout Social

Meeting your customers helps you form lasting relationships. These days, that means connecting with your patrons on social media. But with so many channels, not to mention every different customer having their own preferred platform, how do you keep up?

Sprout Social is a social media management tool that helps you reach your online audience and keep them engaged. Monitor social activity and organize incoming messages into a single inbox. Delegate messages as tasks to specific team members, and measure efficiency based on tasks assigned and completed.

Use the customer care tools to access audience data and report on performance metrics. Integrate with some of the best help desk software solutions like Zendesk and Hubspot to create, track, and manage support issues without leaving Sprout.

“Sprout Social has greatly improved our social media involvement and client support. It enables us to handle several social platforms using a single interface, resulting in timely and consistent communication. For example, its Smart Inbox consolidates messages from multiple channels, ensuring that our staff never miss a customer query.” — Shawn Plummer, CEO, The Annuity Expert

Sprout pricing: Free 30-day trial; Standard for $199 per month for 5 social profiles; Professional for $299 per month; Advanced for $399 per month; Enterprise for a custom price

Pros and cons

Sprout Social ProsSprout Social Cons
Offers a robust set of tools for managing and analyzing social media accounts, making it a top choice compared to other platformsSprout Social is considered more expensive compared to other platforms offering similar services
Allows for the creation of numerous automation campaigns, reducing the need for manual intervention and increasing efficiencySome tools and features require more time and effort to master them
Users have reported positive experiences with Sprout Social’s customer service team

Available on: iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Linux, Web

User ratings:

  • Trustpilot 2.0 (Stars) from 52 people
  • Capterra 4.4 (Stars) from 578 people
  • G2 4.4 (Stars) from 3,292 people

10. Kontentino


Social media management means more than just posting. You need to take a look at data as well as collaborate with your team and clients.

With Kontentino, you can automate your tedious social media tasks: schedule posts, analyze stats, and generate reports.

It also offers many helpful features for teams: multiple content approvals, post requirement checklists, or task assignments, just to name a few features provided by Kontentino for better teamwork and workflow.

The content approval feature is also helpful if you want to send content for your clients’ approval—no hassle, no emails, and no wasting time.
All-in-one platform.

Top it all up with extra options such as integration with FB Ads Manager, direct scheduling to LinkedIn, or storage, and you’re given a complete tool for managing your social media channels.

Kontentino pricing: Free 14-day trial; Starter for $59/month; Starter+ for $95; Standard for $140/month; Pro for $240/month; Enterprise for a tailor-made price

Pros and cons

Kontentino ProsKontentino Cons
User-friendly interface, making it easy for users to navigate and use the platform without extensive technical knowledgeUsers have reported limitations in tagging people and companies on LinkedIn
Supports multiple social media platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more, making it a versatile tool for managing social media contentOccasional technical issues, such as bugs or connectivity problems, can disrupt the user experience
Offers a content calendar and post checklist, helping users plan and organize their social media content in advanceLimited integrations with other tools or platforms, can limit its functionality

Available on: iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Linux, Web

User ratings:

  • Trustpilot 4.7 (Stars) from 46 people
  • Capterra 4.7 (Stars) from 184 people
  • G2 4.8 (Stars) from 130 people

11. Freshdesk


Freshdesk is cloud-based customer support and help desk software. It streamlines the support process by unifying support-related communications and facilitating robust ticket and productivity management.

Freshdesk makes support a breeze from end to end, for both the customer and your agents. You can convert emails into trackable tickets, engage customers through live chat, set up a fully functioning call center, and integrate the software into your website and social media handles.

Track and support tickets from multiple support channels in one inbox. Automatically assign tickets to agents or groups based on certain keywords, properties, or agent workload, for example. Agent collision detection keeps your reps from doing duplicate work on a single ticket.

Use the time-tracking tool to track billable hours, issue resolution, success rate, and overall agent performance. One of the more robust mobile apps in the SaaS industry means workforce and customer service management can be easily done from your preferred device, wherever you are.

“Freshdesk has truly transformed how we manage customer support. It’s like having a central hub where all our customer interactions converge, regardless of the channel—meaning our team can access and respond to tickets quickly, ensuring that we address every inquiry effectively.” — Raisha Shrestha, Marketing Manager, Ling

Freshdesk pricing: Free for up to 10 agents; Growth for $15 per agent/month, billed annually; Pro for $49 per agent/month, billed annually; Enterprise for $79 per agent/month, billed annually. There is also a free trial for 14 days.

Pros and cons

Freshdesk ProsFreshdesk Cons
Simple and intuitive user interfaceSome users have reported that the automation and rules in Freshdesk can be limited and hard to configure
Integrates well with other Freshworks products, as well as other apps like Shopify and SlackThe reporting module in Freshdesk can be improved
Provides extensive customization options, allowing businesses to tailor the software to their specific needsThe mobile app for Freshdesk has been criticized for its user experience

Available on: Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, Linux, Web

User ratings:

  • Trustpilot 2.4 (Stars) from 294 people
  • Capterra 4.5 (Stars) from 3,290 people
  • G2 4.4 (Stars) from 3,126 people

12. Zendesk


Zendesk is a technical support software and help desk app. Like Freshdesk, Zendesk’s multichannel customer support allows customers to reach you wherever they are on the internet—social messaging apps, live chat, email, or voice.

What separates Zendesk from other help desk support tools, however, is its rich knowledge base and self-service portal. Zendesk communities allow customers to share and exchange information in a dedicated forum. Communities can be categorized by topic, theme, or in any way that enables customers to find the support they need. Smart search and round-the-clock access to guidelines and FAQ databases ease the pressure on your agents.

Out of the box, Zendesk integrates with 100+ applications, so you can connect to other key tools and apps like CRMs, productivity apps, and cloud storage. Custom workspaces, flexible ticket management, and performance reporting and analytics let you tailor Zendesk to meet your support needs.

“Zendesk has been instrumental in improving customer interactions. Its multichannel support allows us to manage customer queries through email, chat, phone, and social media from a single platform. It ensures that no customer inquiry goes unanswered, fostering better communication and quicker resolution times.” — Elmo Taddeo, CEO, Parachute

Zendesk pricing: Suite Team for $55 per agent/month if billed annually; Suite Growth for $89 per agent/month if billed annually; Suite Professional for $115 if billed annually; Suite Enterprise at a custom price if billed annually. In addition, Zendesk offers a 14-day free trial.

Pros and cons

Zendesk ProsZendesk Cons
Enables businesses to manage customer inquiries across various channels, including email, live chat, social media, and phoneThe initial setup and configuration process for Zendesk can be time-consuming and complicated
Zendesk’s comprehensive ticketing system allows support agents to track, prioritize, and manage customer inquiries effectively.Some users find Zendesk’s pricing plans to be on the higher side
Incorporates automation and AI-powered features such as chatbots and self-service tools

Available on: iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Linux, Web

User ratings:

  • Trustpilot 1.6 (Stars) from 531 people
  • Capterra 4.4 (Stars) from 3,912 people
  • G2 4.3 (Stars) from 5,860 people

13. Avatier


Whether you’re a support agent or just a tech user, passwords are key. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that many IT support calls are password related. As a result, your help desk is spending valuable time simply resetting passwords.

Avatier is AI identity management software with a scalable password repository and synchronization mechanism. Avatier’s Password Station integrates with a host of enterprise applications, directory services, network operating systems, smart cards, and single sign-on solutions.

The user self-service feature allows customers to reset their passwords via a web browser or mobile device. A multi-factor authentication system requires biometric customer information, such as fingerprint, voice, and facial recognition, to ensure each password reset is a secure transaction.

“Avatier, while not traditionally seen as a customer service tool, plays a critical role in identity management, and thus, protects user data from potential breaches, enhancing trust in your company’s customer experience.” — Gabriel Lukov, Head of Inbound Growth, Businessmap

Avatier pricing: StartUp for $1,000 per month; Business for $2,500 per month; Enterprise for $5,000 per month. There’s also a free 14-day trial available.

Pros and cons

Avatier ProsAvatier Cons
Greatly improves end-user self-serviceability, allowing users to reset their passwords, request access, and manage their accounts with minimal IT involvementSome users have reported that Avatier has many hidden features, making it challenging to find and utilize certain functionalities
Flexibility and ability to adapt to the unique requirements of various organizationsAvatier’s mobile app is not as robust as its desktop counterpart
Integrates with a wide range of enterprise applications and directory services

Available on: Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, Web

User ratings:

  • Capterra 4.9 (Stars) from 35 people
  • G2 4.6 (Stars) from 31 people

14. Grammarly


Competition is tough. You need to provide answers fast. If you’re answering customer queries through live chat support and email, these methods provide you with precious extra seconds to formulate thoughtful responses. But that still doesn’t make you a grammar wizard.

Grammar aids like Grammarly take the second-guessing out of writing. When providing tech, sales, or customer support, bad grammar negatively impacts your reputation and your clients’ trust in it. It can lead to misunderstandings and reduce the effectiveness of your communication.

Grammarly operates best as a browser plugin, highlighting errors, catching spelling mistakes, and offering suggestions, all in real time. It’s only available in English, but it recognizes the different variations of the language, including American, British, Canadian, and Australian. If you’re using canned replies, you can upload them to Grammarly for proofreading.

Good grammar matters, especially in business communications. Don’t limit the red ink to your website, branding, and marketing copy only.

“Grammarly has proven invaluable in ensuring that our written communications with customers are polished, professional, and easy to understand. From email responses to knowledge base articles, this AI-powered writing assistant helps us eliminate grammatical errors, improve clarity, and convey a sense of care and attention to detail.” — Josh Qian, COO and Co-Founder, Best Online Cabinets

Grammarly pricing: Free basic writing support; Premium for $12/month, billed annually; Business for $15 per member/month, billed annually

Pros and cons

Grammarly ProsGrammarly Cons
Handy for getting a second eye on your work and catching typosSometimes Grammarly has little grasp of context, leading to incorrect suggestions and limitations
Excels at enforcing conventions that we’re apt to forget, such as the Oxford commaPrices can be costly for some users
Provides real-time feedback and is highly accurate

Available on: Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, Web

User ratings:

  • Trustpilot 4.5 (Stars) from 9,607 people
  • Capterra 4.7 (Stars) from 7,060 people
  • G2 4.7 (Stars) from 8,489 people

How to Choose the Right Customer Service Tool for Your Team

When it comes to choosing the right software for your business, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. You need to consider multiple factors.

  • Settle on the type of support you need to provide or enhance. Customer support software and tools provide a range of capabilities, from customer communication and live chat to IT help desk and ticketing, social media engagement, live video support and webinars, and more.
  • Don’t overload your support team with software tools. You might think that providing your team with every customer service tool or piece of software under the sun will improve customer support. However, too many tools might lower your customer service quality. It will slow your ability to handle customer support requests on time, and therefore, meet customer expectations. Consider all-in-one tools that provide multiple capabilities and omnichannel support on one customer service platform.
  • Do your homework. Compare different types of customer service tools, software, and apps. And check out product reviews on sites like Capterra.

To provide top-notch support and ensure top customer service, you may need to use a suite of tools. If you’re not sure where to start, take Brosix for a spin.

Combining instantaneous team communication and collaboration with lightning-fast live chat for real-time customer support and engagement, Brosix improves how your team supports customers and each other. Try it today!

Nikola Baldikov

Nikola Baldikov is a Head of Marketing at Brosix, specializing in SaaS marketing, SEO, and outreach strategies. Besides his passion for digital marketing, he is an avid football fan and loves to dance. Connect with him on LinkedIn or follow him on Twitter at @baldikovn.

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