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Instant Messaging Is Transforming Customer Support

The digital revolution continues to alter the technological landscape, transforming how we access information and media, conduct business, shop, and most of all, communicate. And if you’ve ever inquired about a product, made a purchase online, had an issue with one of your devices, or simply needed assistance with any of your countless accounts, chances are you’ve spent time on hold. Surely, we don’t need to remind you how frustrating that can be.

So it should come as no surprise that among these digital transformations is the method of consumer-client communication. Whether through live chat or other chat apps, a dedicated instant messaging space for customer service is vital in today’s business climate.

Below we’ll outline why these channels must be part of your communication strategy, how you can incorporate them, and as a result, enhance your customers’ satisfaction.

Why Your Business Needs Instant Messaging

Why your Business needs Instant Messenger

By now, you’re aware that instant messaging can streamline your team communication and boost workplace collaboration. But it’s also a vital channel of communication with your customers. By not utilizing it, you could be alienating large sections of your customer base, or turning away potential new customers.

Research shows that a majority of millennials with texting capabilities are likely to view a company that offers texting options more positively. Moreover, a majority of customers with texting capabilities would prefer texting over voice as a customer service channel.

What are your options then? Both live chat and instant messaging provide your customers a familiar platform through which to reach you, while enhancing your productivity and customer service, and potentially driving your sales. It’s a win win.

Live Chat, for starters:

Allows Your Customers to Multitask

When customers can reach you via live chat, it frees them up continue on with their myriad other tasks. By allowing your customers to chat with you, they’re no longer immediately faced with the prospect of a long phone call, an endless options menu, and who knows how long on hold. They can message their request and continue working while they wait for your response. And as more people prefer texting, odds are they’re more likely to read your response and respond accordingly, than answer a phone call.

…While Making You More Productive

In the business world your bottom line matters. The ability to chat with multiple customers at the same time not only makes you more efficient, but also more productive. By addressing multiple concerns simultaneously, you can more quickly clear a log of problems; leaving you more time in the end for other tasks and responsibilities.

Provides Better Answers

Provides Better Answers

The goal is to provide the best answer available. But when you’re put on the spot, on the phone for example, you may not provide the best possible answer. Live chatting, while still in real-time, allows you the extra seconds to formulate a better response and more accurate solution. You could even send links to additional articles and content on the topic, taking your customer service to the next level.

Drives Sales

If you’re in sales, wouldn’t you love to have access to multiple customers at the same time? Now you do! With a live chat feature, for instance, you can better engage customers who are visiting your website. And let’s be honest, if they’re on your website, they’re likely interested in your product. By engaging them during the decision-making process – addressing their concerns, answering their questions, and driving home the selling points – you increase your chances of making the sale and, in the process, demonstrate your responsiveness.

What About Instant Messaging?

What About Instant Messaging?

Consumers today prefer instant messaging and thus expect the businesses with which they interact to offer a real-time communication solution. If a live chat isn’t for you, consider allowing your customers to reach you via chat apps like Messenger, Viber, or WhatsApp, or on social media.

No Problem Is Too Big

If you’ve ever had to describe a situation or problem via phone, then you’ve probably realized that a picture could have been helpful. Through chat apps, your customers can share images and attachments which could push the conversation toward a more timely and accurate solution. Furthermore, they also provide a location to keep additional data associated with the case.

It’s Accommodating

Instant messages are inherently convenient for both parties. They can be as real-time as a live chat or as flexible as an email. Neither you nor your client need to be available at the same time to talk. Chat apps also provide push notifications, meaning clients can go about their business and respond once the app notifies them. Furthermore, should the customer need to view the conversation in the future, they have the thread in their messaging app.

In Conclusion

Your customers have either already invested in your product or are considering doing so. So why not allow them to reach you in a way that’s familiar? While that doesn’t mean ditching the phone or email, it does mean implementing instant messaging into your customer service strategy. They’ll appreciate the convenience, and you may find it’s accommodating, efficient, and beneficial for your enterprise.

Brosix, for example, offers solutions for both your business and you, the user, as well. As part of a comprehensive set of enterprise enhancements, by embedding Brosix IM directly into your website, the Live chat feature allows visitors to your website to chat with your support staff. You can control which of your employees can chat with visitors to your site and, importantly, log all conversations by enabling the User History Archive.

On our end, we strive to offer you as many ways as possible to contact us. Of course, you can reach us by phone or filling in the form on our website. But you can also reach us via Messenger, as well as find us on Facebook and Twitter.

Nikola Baldikov
Nikola Baldikov

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