Enterprise IM Client Selection

Enterprise IM Client Selection: Support Matters

September 28, 2016   Instant Messaging

Features and interface get a lot of attention in the IM Client industry

but what about the support that comes with it? I’d argue that the quality of the support that comes with your enterprise IM Client is just as important as the feature list. Let’s face it: 90% of why we use an IM Client is to quickly chat with co-workers. The other features, while important, simply are not used as much.

So, what happens when your IM Client breaks? Can this even happen? Absolutely this can happen! Firewall settings change, servers get upgraded, people forget to login – in short, stuff happens/changes. But then what?

Bad idea #1 – “I got the staff”

Maybe you have dedicated IT staff. What you may not know is that they probably do not have time to figure out what is wrong with somebody else’s software. Can they figure it out? Sure. Can they solve the problem quickly? Probably not.

Bad idea #2 – “I never change anything”

Maybe your system never changes. What you may not know is that it really does. Modern software has automatic updates built in. Just because you don’t manually change anything does not mean that the software doesn’t update itself. Those automatic updates (thanks to Microsoft) WILL change settings.

Support System

This is where your enterprise IM Client choice can be the difference between a quick fix or a grinding halt to office productivity. What kind of support comes with your enterprise IM Client? Can you get on the phone and get support fast or do you have to go through a long process?

Consider smaller IM Client firms

This is where smaller firms shine. They NEED your business and WANT you to be happy. Bigger IM Client firms are looking to cut costs and often the support staff are the first to go. Smaller firms MUST make service a top priority if they’re going to survive. The big firms have a thousand clients just like you.

Remember, feature-rich IM Clients are great. But a broken IM Client is worthless. The faster and more responsive the support, the less down-time you can expect WHEN something breaks. Look at smaller firms for better support as you may often be working directly with a developer or lead programmer who can get you back up and running fast.