IM to communicate quickly and effortlessly

IM to communicate quickly and effortlessly

November 24, 2016   Instant Messaging

How important is to be communicative

Let’s face it. Some people are a bit more tech-savvy than others, as this little example demonstrates.

Clearly the “chatters” had access to the internet, otherwise, they couldn’t be chatting! And that’s why instant messaging is so important – it creates instant access to important resources. In other words, your people can more efficiently communicate.

Office productivity and communication are intimately intertwined. Your IM client should give your staff all the tools they need to communicate quickly and effortlessly. Besides chat, your IM client should include file transfer, screen sharing, video chat, and voice chat for starters. Other important features are whiteboards and screenshot tools.

For example…

Document production and proofing is a common task. Whether you have an RFP that needs approval, a company newsletter to be proofread, or just some fresh ideas, document sharing through the IM client can make this process painless and lightning fast.

Why not just use email?

Email clients have their own issues when it comes to file sharing, but the other fact of the matter is that email can be far from instant. The local client may only send files every 5, 10, or even every 30 minutes. That means it could take hours or days for a document to circulate. Your IM client can expedite this process and improve the quality of communication in the process.

And when there are important questions, even when they are as obvious as the comical conversation above, your staff have immediate access to the right people.

The heavy use of instant messaging both in the workplace and at home made me think about if there have been any studies done about how IM programs are used in the workplace. I came across this great study:

The way instant messaging is used was mainly divided into 4 categories:

  • quick questions and clarifications;
  • coordination and scheduling work tasks;
  • coordinating impromptu social meetings;
  • and keeping in touch with friends and family.

Besides these types of conversations, the researchers found a difference between the “heavy” and the “light” users of instant messaging programs in the workplace. Consistent, or “heavy” IM users used instant messaging to collaborate and work on projects with other heavy IM users. Occasional, or “light” IM users, mainly used instant messaging to coordinate and ask questions.

They also found that many workers use IM as a multi-tasking tool, which is one of its major benefits. This is definitely why Brosix has only continued to see increased growth!

According to a study by the Radicati Group (Source), instant message accounts will grow from 1.8 billion to 3.7 billion over the next four years. While this does not mean 3.7 billion unique individuals on Instant Messenger, it does represent the continued radical growth of IM software. Standard IM will continue to be the biggest gainer but the Radicati Group views the future of enterprise instant messaging to be strong. We here at Brosix certainly hope so.

I know that the entire Brosix team is hard at work adding features for future versions and I expect we will see Mac version soon as Apple’s products continue to gain market share. In other words – as instant messenger continues to grow and adapt, so will we.

The Future of IM

As for those of you in business, I realize I have noted this numerous times, but this study which projects massive growth in instant messenger accounts is yet more proof that YOUR clients are on IM and they would love to hear from you.

It also means, on the negative side in terms of office productivity, that more and more of your employees’ friends will be on IM during the day offering potential distractions.

That is where Brosix comes in and offers you the best of both worlds – the ability to reach out to your clients – but also the ability to manage who is on the network so that you can make sure that productivity remains high.