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Messaging Allows for Less Travel

November 5, 2013   News

Brosix allows for companies to save money on travel costs while still ensuring a high level of effective communication.

With the economy still looking to recover and many companies on their financial heels, the ability to save money is more important than ever before. Brosix, an enterprise instant messenger, is helping companies all over the world cut back on travel expenses without hindering their ability to effectively communicate.

Brosix allows employees to communicate with each other through a variety of features, including both voice and video chat in addition to more traditional text based messages.

The company is also proud to announce the pending release of its newest feature, persistent chat rooms. This allows users to communicate with large groups of people in a chat room environment.

Brosix CEO Stefan Chekanov has seen first hand how companies of all sizes have been able to save money by using an instant messenger instead of traveling to meet clients and coworkers in person:

“We have clients that have saved thousands of dollars thus far in 2013 thanks to the use of an instant messenger. Using an IM is not a total replacement for meeting and communicating in person, however, it is something that many companies are considering.”

With more than 10,000 corporate customers in over 70 countries worldwide, the savings will continue to add up in 2014 and beyond.
“Our network of users continues to grow exponentially, and looking forward to 2014 we are hoping that an even bigger number of companies will find a way to us Brosix as a means of saving money on travel costs,” added Chekanov.