Instant Messaging

What to Do When Someone Doesn’t Like Instant Messaging

December 22, 2016   Instant Messaging

It can be hard to communicate with someone via instant messaging when it isn’t their favorite way to stay in touch. However, there are some ways to make this online communication process a lot easier:

Communicate your needs

Explain to the other person why you like using instant messaging

over other forms of communication, such as greater productivity and less interruptions. Once they see your side, they might be more willing to use it more. Brosix Instant Messanger allows network administrators to delegate the right messaging features to the right people. You don’t have to use each possible communication channel of the Messenger, just the ones you need.

Be willing to compromise

Maybe the other person doesn’t mind using IM for simple questions, but they would prefer email for sending documents or longer messages. Be willing to accommodate this request and they should be willing to do the same for you. Brosix file transfer is unlimited in number of files and in size. It is faster to send large size files with Brosix application instead of opening email client, find the right document and attach. Brosix uses P2P sending technology, which facilitates users in the sending/receiving large files process.

Find out company feelings

If the rest of the company is also adverse to using instant messaging, then it may be time to evaluate how you are communicating. If you can get a better response via email or a phone call, then it may be time to use those forms of communicating over instant messaging. Brosix private network allows users to have their own and secure communication channel in a chat room or closed network.

Continue to validate instant messaging use

If instant messaging will really help how you communicate with this person and others as a whole, then continue to fight for the right to regularly use instant messaging. Chances are people will come around! Brosix ensures instant communication. You don’t have to wait for a response, you are having it immediately!