Brosix improves productivity and communication

Learn how Brosix helped organizations of all sizes increased their productivity and reduce operational costs.

“We needed a way for people to communicate one-to-one that wasn’t as disruptive as a phone but faster than e-mail.”

“Yes, we tried different team communication solutions, Brosix has had the most useful functions.”

“Brosix provides a quick effective way to communicate that was not disrupting with multi functions for chat rooms, as well as individual messages The screen share and file transfer was also an added bonus”

“We previously tried (other IM programs), but the openness of these platforms was an issue for us as we could not control outside non-work related communications, and there was no uniformity with the platform”

“We wanted a system that would allow management to monitor usage, easily add and remove employees, and give our employees the ability to communicate quickly.”

“We needed a chat solution that would work inside Terminal Services, was stable, and could keep chat logs that an Admin could access.”

“Brosix has enabled us to locate a specific record when another employee is off and their chat was vital to something.”

“With Brosix, Internal communications are fluid and fast between staff and inter departments. Productivity is increased through fast and accurate messaging.”

“Brosix is an IM solution with other great collaboration features.”

“With some remote users, it was important to find a way to link them with the team in real time.”

“Chat rooms are great – each team has a chat room where they communicate in real time all day, every hour.”

“We needed a better way of communicating without employees having to leave their desk or use the phone line.”

“Brosix allows us to better communicate within the office, as well as make group conferences, send files, and save chat history when needed.”

“We tried other, free, chats, however most did not have all the functions that we required.”

“Brosix has features that answer all of our needs. We love the remote screen sharing, and (the) ability for our Trainer to monitor new employees (and) assist them.”

“We rely heavily on Brosix. It’s a wonderful product and I recommend it to whomever has a need for this type of product.”

“Brosix was the most ‘Yahoo-like’ system I could find. This greatly reduces the user’s learning curve of new software and greatly increases the acceptance of the software.”

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