Brosix improves productivity and communication

Learn how Brosix helped organizations of all sizes increased their productivity and reduce operational costs.

“Brosix helps us communicate and work with our outside reps and makes it feel like we are all in the office”

“Whether (our employees) are 300 miles away or 10 ft. they can get in touch quickly and easily”

“Email quantities are exploding and to get a quick answer an IM solution is much better”

“Brosix gives me communication even when I’m out of the office on cell phone”

“Brosix IM is better for communicating- faster than email”

“The Brosix Application is immediate and doesn’t get lost in the sea of messages”

“Brosix is a more reliable and manageable chat system”
“Brosix allows for faster and direct communication”

“The screen-sharing and team chat features reduce the amount of 1-sentence emails and allow for quicker team collaboration.”

“ Brosix Team Chat Network reduces the necessity of collaborating through email channels!”

“Brosix is crucial for providing end user support without the need for telephone calls or full remote support software”

“Brosix is live and allows for screen sharing. Emails, on the other hand, are back and forth and take much longer for a resolution to be reached.”

“Instant messaging cuts down on the email traffic between us.”

“Sometimes you just have a quick question that requires a quick response…
Instant messaging is perfect for this reason,”

“I ended up trying about 10-12 instant messengers prior to selecting Brosix and
it is by far the best instant messaging solution that I have encountered.”

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