Business Instant Messaging is the New Business Meeting

Business Instant Messaging: The New Business Meeting

November 1, 2016   Instant Messaging

A business instant messenger is a great productivity tool for any office

The urgency of the current economy to cut costs has made the convenience of a quality instant messenger service even more valuable. Having a business instant messenger with the right features will allow you and your employees to cut travel costs and time incurred for business meetings by allowing attendees to participate right from their desks!

Brosix has all the features you need to save travel dollars and free up time to make your employees more productive. While not all business travel can be avoided, many times voice or video chat combined with the revolutionary screen sharing and whiteboard features that Brosix Instant Messenger includes will offer a valuable alternative. Some of the features available to conduct business meetings using your business instant messenger are: voice chat, video chat, file transfer, co-browse, whiteboard, screenshot, screen sharing.

In addition to reducing travel costs, features like video chat, file transfer, and co-browse make collaboration between distant branches or employees working from home quickly and easy. Allowing employees the option to work from home offers further savings by eliminating the overhead costs involved with employee office space.

The co-browse feature allows the participants to share the view and browse web pages together. Any participant can control the page and guide the conversation. Whiteboard allows multiple users to design and brainstorm with tools like painting, color pallets, and text captions to visual ideas. With the addition of instant message texting, voice chat, or video chat, you and your business associates can hold and attend meetings without leaving the comfort and convenience of your desk.

This ability to increase communication between departments, locations, and business partners/clients gives your business added opportunity for growth and development with minimal cost added to your bottom line. Here are more suggested uses for business instant messenger as the new business meeting.

Pre-presentation planning sessions – instead of arriving several days early and incurring additional hotel costs for the sake of planning sessions, utilize the Brosix instant messenger tools to plan and brainstorm your presentation without leaving the office
Save potential clients and customers money by making use of voice chat or video chat thus lowering long distance calling
When clients or co-workers have a question, quickly answer it using the co-browse or screen sharing tool
Transfer files as you converse using the text messaging feature
Never fear the confidentiality of your conversations and information sharing thanks to Brosix security measures.