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Heartbleed Bug

You should have no security concerns while using Brosix. We’re very much aware of the recently discovered SSL security vulnerability named “Hearthbleed” ( and have checked all of our systems. Heartbleed bug is related to Open SSL encryption library. Brosix uses AES-256 encryption for user channels. When SSL is...

Brosix “Chat Rooms” feature

chat rooms
We at Brosix have been working on a new feature called “Chat Rooms“. I am glad to share with you that it is ready and we can activate it for your IM network. Chat rooms can be created by users. Messages sent in a chat room are immediately delivered...

Brosix for iOS version 3.4

for iOS version 3.4
Following the growing user demand for a quality IM experience, Brosix is continuously developing new features for its mobile apps. Last week we updated our Android application and this week is the time for Brosix for iOS. The new version 3.4 of Brosix for iOS devices is now available....

Brosix for Android version 3.4

brosix for android 3.4
More so today than ever before, the ability to communicate while on the go is extremely important. This is particularly true for business professionals who need to stay in touch with coworkers, supervisors, and clients among others. A new version 3.4 of Brosix for Android is now available. It...

Brosix 3.6 released

Brosix 3.6 released for Windows, Linux and Mac The last few weeks of the year have been really busy for our devs as we have been working hard to release Brosix 3.6 and a new improved control panel. All these updates and changes will mean better, faster and smoother...

Improved Web Control Panel

web control
Our Improved & Refined Web Control Panel Our dev team has been hard at work to release a new web control panel for our enterprise customers, which was rolled out on 18th of last month.  It’s a part of our constant efforts to simplify and streamline experience for users....

Messaging Allows for Less Travel

travel brosix
Brosix allows for companies to save money on travel costs while still ensuring a high level of effective communication. With the economy still looking to recover and many companies on their financial heels, the ability to save money is more important than ever before. Brosix, an enterprise instant messenger,...

Persistent Chat Room Feature

chat rooms feature
Brosix Set to Release Persistent Chat Room Feature Brosix is adding a new chat room feature to its award winning enterprise instant messenger by the end of 2013. Brosix is set to release one of its newest features, persistent chat rooms, to users by the end of the year....

Pictures with Brosix for iPhone

brosix send picture
Send Pictures with Brosix for iPhone Sending pictures is the new major feature of the latest version of the Brosix Instant Messaging app for iPhone. Thanks to the new feature, users will be able to send and receive pictures from other iPhone and Android users, while also being able...
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