Corporate Instant Messenger Checklist

Corporate Instant Messenger Checklist

November 4, 2016   Instant Messaging

Corporate Instant Messenger criteria

Like most businesses these days, you might be considering a corporate instant messenger as a means to increase security and productivity. So what are the key features you should be looking for? How can you tell if your top choice is really the best corporate instant messenger for the job? Here’s a list and a few reasons why Brosix should be at the top of yours:

Instant Messenger Security

The most important feature you should be considering is security. Are files and messages encrypted when sent? What level of encryption is applied? Many “secure” instant messengers only encrypt files while text messages are left open for interception. Brosix encrypts every transmission from the Brosix interface and even scans files for the most recent viruses.

Instant Messenger Features

Of course, the basics like chatting should be available, but what about co-browsing, file transferring, screen sharing, voice conferencing, and even video conferencing? With Brosix, you get all of those features and many, many more.

Instant Messenger Control

Next up is control – who can use what and with whom? Most corporate instant messenger suites do not provide a Dashboard for controlling users. Brosix allows you to limit what features your employees have access to as well as who they can chat with, to name only a few.