Is Instant Messaging Good For Networking

Is Instant Messaging Good For Networking?

November 29, 2016   Instant Messaging

When we ask the question “Is instant messaging good for networking?”?

We don’t mean contacting random people online in order to get to know more people. But we do think that networking is something that can be done through instant messaging.

For example, take into consideration someone who is just starting a new job and doesn’t know any of their co-workers. If their work environment has an instant messaging system, this is the perfect way to get to know co-workers.

Because one of the best benefits of instant messengers is the fact that you can use them and still be productive while multi-tasking, a new employee could use instant messaging to learn more about their new co-workers- what they do outside of work, what their main responsibilities are, and even asking questions about office policies and paperwork.

While this may not be ‘networking’ in the truest sense, instant messaging is a great way to get to know the immediate people around you.

What are some of the other ways that you can get to know people through IM?

How Can Instant Messaging Make Conversations Easier?

Whether an office has 10 employees or 1000, it can benefit from a private and secure instant messaging network.

Here are some of the reasons why people use instant messaging:

1. Private Conversations: sometimes we ask each other questions that we don’t want other co-workers to know. On some occasions, it’s personal conversations, but it can also be invoice amounts, personal information for payroll, or other confidential company information. If your company is on a private instant messaging network, they don’t have to worry about sharing this information through an IM

2. To Not Disturb Others: Because we have such an open workspace, we sometimes use instant messaging to talk when others are on the phone. This helps keep the work environment quiet and relaxing.

3. To Share and Collaborate: We occasionally use our instant messenger program to send files, collaborate on the Whiteboard feature, and have video chats with other employees who may be out of the office.

Besides these reasons above, using encrypted instant messaging can provide peace of mind and control over employee communication. The Enterprise version of Brosix Instant Messaging has an administrative panel, where you can view employee actions and moderate how some are able to use the program.

How to Use Enterprise Instant Messaging in Your Company?

Brosix is a powerful, secure private enterprise instant messaging service.
When your business is ready to increase information sharing security, cut out advertising and out-of-company contacts, and have the ability to manage users and permissions, then you are ready for Brosix Enterprise Instant Messaging.

Brosix increases productivity focusing users solely on company business by eliminating outside contacts and distracting advertisements. Then there are all the great features – in which permissions are managed by your company’s IT administrator – such as text messaging, chat history, voice chat, video chat, file transfer, co-browse (users view the same screen), whiteboard, and much more.

Brosix Enterprise Instant Messaging increases the efficiency with which your company can communicate between different departments and locations. Once you simply set up your Brosix network, implementing its use is a breeze.

Customized Set-up

Brosix maintains their own servers leaving only the administration of the enterprise instant messaging to your IT department. With the easy-to-use online administration console, they will begin setting up user IDs and permissions for each user. They can also generate a default contact list, another great advantage over each user taking the time to set up their contacts.

Features can be assigned to users on an individual basis. Also available in the administration console are user activity logs, including all chats, voice calls, and file transfers.


The following is a list of features to which users will have access, along with some tips on how to use each feature effectively within your company:

  • Text messaging – ideal for simple communication between departments throughout the business day, available when users are offline as well: the message will appear next time they log on. Get a quick answer from your colleague even in the middle of a conference call.
  • Chat history – chats are automatically stored so they can be referred back to as needed.
  • Voice chat – make use of this feature to keep phone lines free or in cooperation with other features such as the whiteboard to clearly communicate ideas. If the recipient of your call isn’t in, you can leave a voicemail.
  • Video chat – reduce traveling to other company locations for meetings by using the secure video chat feature.
  • File transfer – send confidential files related to your chat session from the same console.
  • Co-Browsing – instead of trying to explain what you are looking at on a website, invite your coworker to a Co-Browse session. The website will be opened in a window allowing both users to see and navigate throughout the site. If one user clicks on a link, the page will change in both users’ co-browse session window.
  • Whiteboard allows you to invite another user to a whiteboard session where both can collaborate on a new design or idea. Users can modify the whiteboard simultaneously making it great for brainstorming sessions.
  • Screen sharing – another incredibly helpful tool for sharing information and reducing travel time and expenses. Simply open a screen sharing session with any user in your contact list. They will be able to see your screen as you run through a presentation or upcoming project and provide immediate feedback.
  • User Status – alerts other users that you are online and available, or online and busy, or away.


Using Brosix enterprise instant messaging provides so many advantages, that your company can’t go wrong with this service. Not only will inter-office communication be easier, but it will also be more secure. Download your IM package from Brosix today so that you can rest easy tomorrow knowing that your corporate communications are in safe hands.