Sharing files with P2P transfe

Send unlimited size files anywhere in the world

October 26, 2016   Instant Messaging

Brosix file transfer service is unlimited

Have you ever wondered how to send large files, without using cloud storage services or incurring extra charges?

This is possible with Brosix. Furthermore, there is no additional charge to use the feature, as its included with every plan.

You can send large size images, raw format files, and huge data without any concern of reaching a limit.

When using an external cloud storage service, users waste time uploading and downloading files. With Brosix, users are able to save hours with its peer-to-peer file transfer feature.

You can easily install Brosix on your computer and try the 30 day free trial, including the ability to send and receive files within minutes.

How safe is the transfer?

Brosix applies virus scan on all data transfers. Also, sent & received files go through a virus check, as well as an encrypted connection.

The local transfer of data ensures that nobody has access to your documents; they remain private on your computer. Data management remains in your hands at all times. The only thing that is required for a peer file transfer is for the sending or receiving side to be online.

How much does it cost?

  • The unlimited file size transfer does not require additional charges. It is included in all Brosix price plans.
  • Brosix unlimited file size transfer is part of the messenger features package
  • Unlimited file transfer is only one part of a great collaboration tool that helps companies and organizations communicate in an efficient manner at an affordable price.