Use Instant Messaging Instead of Meetings

January 30, 2017   Katya Sotirova   General

How to make the work day more relaxing by using messaging application

The workplace and employees’ work days seem to be getting longer and more and more stressful, but there are several options that can help employees save time and money, while still completing the same productive work that they were beforehand.

One of the most important tips that employees can take away from this blog is the ability to utilize Brosix Corporate Messenger features in place of more traditional means of communication. For instance, instead of walking over to a co-worker’s desk to ask them a question, ask them instead via the instant messaging chat window.

Some Benefits of using messaging applications

Video chat instead of face to face meetings – the new timeless personal communication approach

Another Brosix Instant Messenger feature is video chat, which can replace traditional meetings. Saves time for reaching the meeting point. Employees no longer have to travel to attend meetings or take time away from their desk to meet in the conference room with other in-office co-workers. Using Brosix Video Chat or Instant Messaging can take the place of these more traditional and time-consuming forms of communication.

Besides saving time and travel, utilizing video chat or instant messaging for in-person meetings and conversations with co-workers, Brosix Instant Messaging application also allows users to multi-task. A user sitting at their computer may be more likely to take notes during their online conversation or complete action items (such as sending an email) while the “meeting” online is still in progress. This leads to more met goals and more efficient communication periods.

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