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Using Instant Messaging to Cut Costs

January 16, 2017   Katya Sotirova   General

Using an Enterprise IM Client to save cost

To increase productivity and save cost, businesses can effectively use an Instant Messaging Client. For remote working employees, for business partners and team members while they are on vacation or business trips.

Traveling Without Leaving The Comfort Of Your Home and keep the communication flow with IM software

Travel, while no doubt a life-enriching experience, isn’t for everybody. There are some of us who are more committed to our jobs and our families that squeezing in time to explore the world just isn’t something on the bucket list. But appreciating beauty is definitely universal. So for the couch potatoes who really just want a moment’s escape from the daily grind, how do we travel without going through all the hoops and unpleasant sides of the process of traveling?

If a visual treat, a moment’s escape, are all you need, these should suffice. Maybe, when life gives you the opportunity to travel, or when you retire, you could make a list of 3 to 10 countries to visit. Not everyone can quit their day jobs and live the life of a backpacker, but everyone can surf the Internet and find these cool websites to use as a momentary travel fix.

Using business messenger application during vacations

During the summer, because of extreme temperatures, many government and private offices close for one or more days during the workweek to save money on air conditioning and other utilities. Because employees get to work from home one or more days per week, using instant messaging while employees are telecommuting during the days the office is closed but still in operation.

This not only help businesses reduce costs, it also gives employees an extra perk, especially during the summer. This is when many employees are getting cabin fever and would really appreciate getting to work from home one or more days per week.

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