IM Cuts Costs

Instant messaging for Everybody and Everywhere

January 16, 2017   Instant Messaging

If you are in position to look for an effective way to facilitate your internal business communication and in the same time to cut expanses then look no further – Brosix is here for you.

Apart from being a great instant messenger for internal communication, Brosix is the ideal tool for remote workers that manage to do business from the comfort of their homes. And according to a recent study people feel more relaxed and stimulated to work if they are at home rather than in the crowded office, for example.

It is mainly like that due to the instant messengers for business communication – they make you feel in touch with the work process and allow you to have face-to-face video chat, share your screen , whiteboard session to express your ideas, file transfer, etc with each of your team.

Using business messenger application during vacations

Everybody needs to have rest – it does not matter if you will stay at home, go hiking or go sightseeing, people need to relax. However, sometimes while absent work cannot be done in the most proper way as if we were there. The consequences may be quite unpleasant for both – Manager or the Team.

To avoid that, you can simply take your phone with you and use the mobile versions available for Brosix that work perfectly fine even if you are on the other part of the world. Before the holiday, ask your colleagues to `instant message` you if they need to ask you something important. They will not disturb you every day, but you can check your account from time-to-time, just to make sure. How amazing it is that we are living in a world with Wi-Fi available almost everywhere!