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Using Instant Messaging in the Work Environment

December 21, 2016   Katya Sotirova   General

With instant messaging, you get rapid information workflow and can multitask

Instant messaging type of applications can be abused in working environment by personal “chatting” that results in decreased productivity, instant messaging in the office is overall an invaluable tool for team communication.

Before its creation, communication was limited to face-to-face, phone, postal mail, fax and email interactions. These forms often interrupt workflow and disturb other tasks.

For example, a worker doesn’t need to waste time searching for an email address or phone number in electronic address books or paperwork when he has instant messaging in the office. He also doesn’t need to place an irate customer on a long hold while he walks to a manager’s desk to see if the manager can take the call. Instead, he can quickly check the manager’s instant messenger status and then briefly explain the issue. If the manager is busy with something else, the manager can use instant chat to refer the worker to another manager, or provide advice about how to resolve the issue while he’s handling his own situation.

If you don’t already have the messenger for instant communication set up in your workspace, now is the time to improve workplace efficiency by using it.

Instant messengers application can be an easy way for individuals to communicate with each other

These types of software for the workplace could help with easier interactions between workers. Using a program for messages could help corporate teams to solve tasks. It might be easier for some workers to use these types of apps rather than send an email. Some corporations may choose to integrate a recognized messaging program or they might choose to use their resources to develop their own software.

Instant messaging etiquette may be heavy to follow at times

Some individuals that work with instant messaging might feel more relaxed when speaking with others. Conversations over the messaging system should remain professional and kept on track. When messaging another worker an employee should try to make sure the other person is not listed as away from their keyboard. Reading the availability of another co-worker can save time and frustration. Corporations market today use many different channels of communication. Instant messaging applications are an effective way to growth productivity.