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5 Tips About Team Collaboration You Can’t Afford to Overlook

September 4, 2017   Instant Messaging

What are your thoughts on team collaboration? What steps do you take to ensure that members of your team are always in contact with one another? How are you avoiding trouble in regards to communication?

When it comes to team collaboration, there are things you should and should not be doing.

Although you may not have a full grasp of what works best for your team, there are some tips you can follow to get on the right track.

With all that in mind, here are fie tips about team collaboration you can’t afford to overlook:

1. Technology is King

Do you remember the days when team collaboration meant meeting in a conference room or organizing a conference call?

While there are still times when these strategies make sense, you are better off relying on advanced technology, such as an instant messaging application.

Not only is this the most efficient and productive way to collaborate in a team environment, but it’s also something that many people enjoy.

2. Do What’s Best for Your Distributed Team

A distributed company is one that has employees in different locations, as opposed to one central office.

This can make it a challenge for teams to communicate, since workers are stationed in different parts of the world.

If you want to make the most of team collaboration in this scenario, you should implement a variety of tools for keeping in touch.

While instant messaging may be the best option, you can also take full advantage of text messaging, annual conferences (so everyone can meet face to face), and email.

3. Track Everything

One of the biggest issues with team collaboration is that some details can get swept under the rug. This isn’t always a big deal, but it could come back to haunt you at some point in the future.

Consider this situation: you are collaborating with five team members via a group chat, however, a few others were unable to join you.

While this sounds like a big deal, here’s something to remember: your IM application may be able to track and save your conversation. You can then share the content with those who missed the meeting, as to keep them up to date.

Can you imagine the difficulties associated with tracking everything that is said in a conference room meeting?

4. Use Advanced Features

If you’re not taking full advantage of technology you’ll be passed up by the competition – and that is not a risk you should be willing to take.

Through the use of advanced features, such as video chat and screen sharing, you can get more out of every conversation.

When selecting an instant messaging application, for example, you should focus on the many features that will be made available to you.  

Advanced features can be the difference between success and failure when it comes to team collaboration. Don’t hold yourself back.

5. Constant Communication is a Must

As time goes by, it’s easy to get into the habit of believing that constant communication is overrated. Of course, if you travel down this path, you’ll soon find that it’s stopping you from reaching all your goals.

Constant communication is a must, so make sure you are always on board with the idea that team collaboration is extremely important to your success. When you take this approach, everyone on the team, regardless of job responsibilities or location, will do whatever it takes to remain in communication at all times.


Team collaboration used to be a challenge, but things have changed for the better over the past 10 years.

Listen up: if you are falling short in regards to the way your team communicates, it’s because you are doing something wrong. For example, you may be ignoring the many tools that are available to you.

Team collaboration is a must, so move this to the top of your priority list. Once you have the right communication system in place, everything will begin to come together.

What approach does your company take in regards to team collaboration? Is there anything in particular that works for you? Share your tips, guidance, and personal experiences in the comment section below.