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Cultivating a Remote Team for Your Organization

IM Returns to the Forefront as a Compelling Messaging Solution for Business
Organizations both small and big are looking for newer ways to collaborate efficiently and rapidly – remote teams Many organizations today have a global footprint with employees in different countries and offices; remote teams/the work from home culture is also gaining popularity with tech companies in particular. In such...

Benefits of Instant Messaging

Benefits of IM
Brosix a direct link between related users, thus fostering a greater and increasingly solid rapport among colleagues. No longer does one need to open an email client, insert subject data, compose the body of the message, confirm the recipient’s email address, and finally ensure that formatting is correct. Messages sent...

Tips on Using Instant Messengers Efficiently

Tips On How To Communicate More Effectively Over Instant Messaging
Everybody nowadays knows how to use instant messaging applications so this will not be a how-to guide to help you use them. Instead the focus will be on how to implement them and their features so that you can have more effective communication in your work environment. One of...

How to Stay Productive While Getting Your Online Fix

How to Stay Productive While Getting Your Online Fix
Staying productive when you are working online Or completing any work-related task for your job may seem challenging, especially with the quick access to email, social networking sites and plenty of distractions on the Internet. When you want to stay productive while you are online, ensuring that you close...

Using Brosix for Presentations

Using Brosix for Presentations
Using Brosix for Presentations: Video and Audio Welcome back to the how to use Brosix to give free presentations series.  Today we are going to look at how to do an audio presentation element and a video presentation. To use Brosix to do an audio conference preset simply: Send ahead...

How business people communicate?

How business people communicate
How men and women communicate via instant messengers While instant messaging may have started as a social fad back in the 1990’s, today’s business market has come to depend on it. More and more business women and men are turning to instant messaging services for their business communication needs....

Softphone for call centers and contact centers

Brosix Softphone for call centers and contact centers
Enhance productivity with Brosix Softphone dialer solution Making phone calls through the Internet is the best way to increase the productivity of call agents and decrease phone bills in a large scale. Brosix offers a softphone dialer solution with voice, video, and text chat features. The softphone is a...

Brosix Instant Messenger Feature: Broadcast Message

new Brosix Feature
With the Brosix’s Broadcast Message you can send a message to a group of people in your broadcast list all at the same time. This application is accessible to employees, and not for partner or customer applications. Employees’ non-productive time will be minimized and office matters can be discussed...
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