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Independent Contractors and Online Communication

communicate online
Online communication for various business sectors A growing number of companies are hiring independent contractors. There are many reasons for this, from saving money to the ability to work with the “best of the best” in a particular field. Some companies have gone so far as to layoff full-time...

Using an Instant Messenger for Work

IM for work
Even though Brosix offers a public version, the company also provides an enterprise version of its popular application With this, companies are able to create a private instant messaging network for internal communication. Most Brosix users have found that the use of private instant messaging for work offers a...

Everything You Need to Know About File Transfers

Do you remember the days when email was only one way to transfer files with coworkers, customers, and prospects? There are still times when email makes the most sense, but there is another option in today’s world: an enterprise instant messaging application. At Brosix, for example, we provide unlimited...

How to communicate like a successful person

IM makes communications easy
When we hear the term ‘a successful individual’ the majority of us label this word combination with different traits. For example, some of us would assume that the successful person has a lot of money; others would say that they have gained a great amount of popularity and have...

Instant Messenger will Revolutionize Your Business

Instant Messenger will Revolutionize Your Business
Small and large businesses alike have been using an instant messenger as a powerful business tool Many have not yet jumped on board. Why is that? Many answers are given: security; employees chat with family and friends all day; employees just gossip about office matters instead of work. All...
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