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New Local Time Setting

time management
User Activity Log – New Local Time Setting In the latest update of web control panel Brosix devs created new time-zone setting in the User Activity Log which shows you all the events in your local time. By default time is set to GMT-0. How to set timezone offset...

Brosix for iOS version 3.0

Brosix Instant Messenger for iOS version 3.0 The new version 3.0 of Brosix for iOS devices is now available. It includes the following features: Geo-location – All the mobile instant messaging users of iOS will be able to exchange geographical positions between each other. Multiple languages – The newest...

Brosix for Android version 3.0

A new version 3.0 of Brosix for Android is now available. It includes the new features: Geo-location – share your position with other instant messaging users Multiple languages – English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Bulgarian As always, Brosix team do whatever it takes to meet the needs of our...

Brosix Reveals Plans for 2013

Brosix development plans for 2013 Now that the holiday season is in the past, 2013 is finally here. The past year was very successful for Brosix, as our number of customers more than doubled. At this time, we are looking forward to the new year and I wanted to...

Brosix gets bigger and better

brosix partnership
Brosix established new partnership with WebSIA for Brazil and Latin America region. The local business partner will be responsible for developing these 2 major emerging markets by addressing the instant messaging needs of the local users. Brosix users will benefit from qualified support service in Portuguese and Spanish language...

Brosix Version 3.4

Brosix Instant Messenger Version 3.4 Brosix is pleased to announce that the latest version of Brosix Instant Messenger, version 3.4 is being released this week. This version includes a few new features that we are sure our readers will love, including: Magnifying Glass Screenshot Feature: This feature helps the...

Brosix for iPhone Version 1.6

Mobile Enterprise Instant Messaging for iPhone with Push Notifications Brosix is pleased to announce that the latest version of the Brosix for iPhone app, version 1.6 has now been released Download Brosix for iPhone This version includes Push notifications, something that is quite useful for the popular instant messaging...

Brosix version 3.3.4

Brosix is pleased to announce the release of its latest version of instant messaging software, Brosix Version 3.3.4. This version of Brosix still has the same features you know and love, with a few improvements: Anti-Virus Check: The new version of Brosix will have Anti-virus check. It will scan...

Brosix Web Control Panel

web control panel
In addition to the current features, we have added several that will Improve functionality, security, and efficiency of the Brosix web control panel: New Login Field With the updated version of the Brosix web control panel, a new way of logging in has been introduced. In the past, users...
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