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New Web client

Redesigned Brosix Web Client Released

As part of ongoing efforts to provide the best possible user experience, the Brosix Team has announced the launch of a completely redesigned Web Client. This update aims to...
Best video calling apps

The Best Team Video Calling Apps and Their Use Cases

Not so long ago, meetings were face to face. Job interviews and training took place during in-person interviews and onboarding days. And new ideas were born around the water...
Brosix for desktop 4.5

Brosix Desktop Client 4.5 Launched

The Brosix Team has announced the launch of the 4.5 update for the Brosix desktop client. For Brosix customers’ convenience this update is immediately available for download, and will...
Flock Alternatives

8 Flock Alternatives for Your Team

Enterprise communication and collaboration solutions – unlike free, consumer-grade chat apps – facilitate wider accountability, dynamic teamwork and secure, real-time communication. There are many reasons why enterprise messaging is...
5 freelencer mistakes

Top 5 Planning Mistakes You Make as a Freelancer

When you give up a full-time job for freelancing, do you think of crash and burn to show around? Heck, no! Freelancing is about the flexible life, working from...