How to Stay Productive While Getting Your Online Fix

How to Stay Productive While Getting Your Online Fix

How to Stay Productive While Getting Your Online Fix

December 9, 2016   Instant Messaging

Staying productive when you are working online

Or completing any work-related task for your job may seem challenging, especially with the quick access to email, social networking sites and plenty of distractions on the Internet. When you want to stay productive while you are online, ensuring that you close all windows and tabs in your browsers that are not relevant to your current task at hand is the first step to finding success.

Using free applications and tools help to increase productivity regardless of what you are doing online

Finding browser alarms and page blockers is a way to time your work speed while also preventing you from accessing websites such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram while you are working or for a set time frame. Many applications are entirely free of charge and install immediately into your browsers such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, keeping you on track with any task you have in mind without the possibility of interruption.

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Spending time online is a part of almost everyone’s life today

With smartphones and laptops getting cheaper to acquire as well as data bundles getting more affordable, people have higher chances of owning a unit or two. The Internet aside from being used for corporate work and in school has also been a growing source of entertainment for many.

The booming number of websites dedicated to bringing all sorts of content such as cat memes and videos of dogs on skateboards is keeping everyone glued to their laptop screens. Add to that the huge number of films, both old and new, which anyone can watch on-demand.

Sometimes, however, too much time spent on the Internet can kill productivity and steal your precious time away from things that matter more. Here, we collected some tips so you can enjoy your online fix while staying productive.

Set a time for social media

Combining Social Media and Instant Messaging

A 30-minute online break spent on social media can both be beneficial and a major source of distraction, depending on how you will use it. Instead of opening up your social media account in school or at work, and risk having a distraction, schedule a time when you will check your social media after you have finished your work. Think of it as a reward after a day’s work and a chance to connect with friends and acquaintances.

Keep opened tabs to a minimum

The invention of tabbed browsing made it easier to open up links one after the other. Multitasking is still a controversial habit and most say that we can really focus on a single thing at a time. Reading multiple tabs, however, can reduce your focus to learn meaningfully from the material you are reading. Multiple tabs opened eats up data packets and can also slow down your connection.

Educate yourself online

Instead of just watching cat memes, spend time online by learning something new. The Internet offers a wealth of information—in text, photos, e-books, and videos. You can even attend classes online for free. Take a topic of interest, learn a new language, or upgrade your skill for work.

Update your software patches

Keeping your software updated is a good way to ensure that your laptop and smartphone are secured against malware and other

Backup your critical data

In the event of a PC crashing down or getting stolen, one can prepare ahead by backing up critical data online. A number of free online storage suppliers provide gigabytes of storage wherein you can upload text documents, photos, and even videos. Start small but be consistent about it. This also allows one to work remotely anywhere, without the need to carry heavy equipment.

Keep your resume updated

Check out tips on how to improve your resume even if you are not applying for a job. You will never know when you might need it so better prepare ahead.