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Using Emojis at Work? Consider These Tips First.

Emojis at work
If you’ve spent any amount of time communicating digitally – whether by email, instant messaging, or via social media platforms – you’ve no doubt run into emojis. You’ve probably even used them at some point. You know, those little yellow smileys with endless variations – eyes open or shut,...

IM Can Boost Your Business Success – Here’s How

IM for your business communication
Instant messaging is revolutionizing business communication. By transforming how we work and interact with one another, as well as our routines, profit margins, and even cybersecurity, instant messaging is creating a more productive, profitable, and secure work environment. So how can it boost your business success? Read on to...

How to Ensure Your File Transfers Remain Secure

Ensure secure file transfer
We transmit loads of data. In fact, business today is increasingly data-driven. And in order for your organization to succeed, it isn’t just necessary to securely send, receive, and access massive amounts of data, it’s crucial. But the more you transmit, the greater the likelihood of a harmful and...

Reinforce Your Team Collaboration with a Virtual Whiteboard

virtual whiteboard feature
Every workplace needs the right tools to both stimulate creativity and enhance productivity. For visual learners, that means pictures, graphs, charts, demonstrations, and more. These aids, however, can actually go a long way towards keeping all your employees interested, engaged, and productive. Today, interactive technology plays a vital role...

Instant Messaging Is Transforming Customer Support

customer support and IM
The digital revolution continues to alter the technological landscape, transforming how we access information and media, conduct business, shop, and most of all, communicate. And if you’ve ever inquired about a product, made a purchase online, had an issue with one of your devices, or simply needed assistance with...

5 Tips to Boost Your Group Chatting

group chatting
Group chatting – the process of holding a conversation or discussion between multiple people in a fixed online space – has become increasingly popular in the workplace. If you’re familiar with it, you’ve likely come across some common complaints, either indirectly or firsthand. Either way, they go something like...