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Working Remotely: Statistics, Data, How, and Why

The number of employees working remotely has increased in recent years, and is predicted to continue to do so in the near future. Businesses which have successfully incorporated remote work in their business model have experienced several benefits, including employee retention, costs savings and increased productivity. In order for...

Forget Email: IM Me

IM me
Using email – which can be a blessing and a curse – is a given in the modern workplace. Spam, a crowded inbox, and the time spent managing email make it a task unto itself. The newest communication solutions are encouraging employees to IM (instant message) rather than email....

Use Technology to Boost Business Productivity

boost productivity
On the surface, working in a more productive manner sounds easy enough. However, as you attempt to make this change, you’ll soon find that there are many challenges standing in the way. Just the same, making your business more productive as a whole is not a simple task, as...

Is Email Slowing You Down?

email slow you down
In today’s day and age, there are more options than ever before in regards to business communication. For many years, business professionals have relied on the telephone and face to face meetings to interact in an efficient and productive manner. While both of these strategies remain popular, many people...

5 Tips for Choosing a Business Group Chat

Are you interested in finding a business group chat application that can bring a variety of benefits to your company? While this sounds easy enough, there’s something you need to know: with a variety of options to consider, you could make the wrong decision if you don’t know what...
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