Instant Messenger Security Issues and Solutions

Instant Messenger – Security Issues and Solutions

November 15, 2016   Instant Messaging

With identity theft and corporate espionage on the rise, having instant messenger security is essential now more than ever. Hackers can use instant messaging as an unchecked doorway into any computer. Once a hacker has the “in” on one computer, the instant messaging software can be used to infect everyone in a business. Here are some ways that hackers attack a computer and how it can be prevented.

IM Security Issues

These are some reasons why instant messenger security is so important. Once a hacker gets into a computer, he or she can send a password stealing virus. This virus will steal the password and other useful information and send it back to the hacker in a variety of ways.  With account information and passwords, a hacker can hijack or impersonate a client or co-worker. If a hacker is successful, he or she will attack all the individuals who are allowed to send and retrieve instant messages to first victim. This is why instant messenger security is very important.  Another method that a hacker can use to steal information is through log files. Log files are created to store and send the messages through an instant messaging service. These files can be sent back to the hacker, so that he or she can access them.

IM Security Solutions

The only way to have instant messenger security is to use a secure network. There are two main features that security has, which are providing encryption and packaging the message as only for the recipient. With the packaging for recipients, the message goes from the sender to the receiver in a sterile package. This keeps hackers from identifying the parties involved and seeing the contents of the message. Messages are sent by protocol in a manner similar to how a letter is delivered. The instant messenger security also encrypted the message. This encodes the message before sending it, making it harder to read. In order for the receiver or a hacker to read the message, it will need to be decrypted. This decryption will require the use of a Rosetta stone or key. The decryption keys are always changing to provide a secure message.

This is why choosing the right IM client for your business is so vital, and why is the enterprise IM client for you. provides these instant messenger security features and much more so that your business can remain as safe as it needs to be.