Having a No IM Policy is Hurting Your Company

Having a No IM Policy is Hurting Your Company

September 20, 2016   Instant Messaging

Many companies have a flat policy against the use of instant messaging software on the job

This policy has 3 different rationales behind it:

  1. IM’s are hard to secure and information could leak out.
  2. IM’s are a distraction to our employee’s.
  3. We can not control what is said in an IM.

These reasons, however, are weak at best.  Before I can show you how IM’s can help your business lets take a look at the reality behind those reasons.

We can’t control what is being said

True, but still weak.  You can’t control what your employee’s write in emails or say during a call, yet email and phones are considered nearly inseparable by almost everyone.  Instant messaging shouldn’t be held to a separate standard.

IM’s are a distraction to our workers

If someone really wants to dodge their job they will find a way to do it with or without IM’s.  Blaming a tool for having a disengaged employee population is just looking at the symptom and ignoring the disease.

IM’s are hard to secure

No longer true.  Products like the Brosix allow your employee’s to communicate within a secure format.  Proprietary data locked safely behind a wall of security.

Now that we have gotten that out of the way lets talk about how IMing can help your business.

Now more than ever information needs to be shared quickly so that businesses and employers can respond to changing situations in real time.  Also with the rise of multi-national organizations, cross country mergers and telecommuting it is becoming less and less likely that your employees are in the same place at the same time. You may even have people reporting to you (or report to someone) that you have never met in person. Having a real-time communications method build into your existing systems that does not require your staff to remember to check it (like emails) can facilitate those communications on a level you may not have even dreamed of! Real time feedback on demand.