Instant Messaging for the Office Today

Instant Messaging for the Office Today

October 4, 2016   Instant Messaging

Instant messaging was the quickest way to talk to someone back in the 1990’s. As technology progressed and social media emerged, instant messages slowly became all but obsolete. Text messaging slowly phased out the IM, or so people thought.

Instant messaging is making a comeback and especially in the business world.

Not too long ago, companies would have to schedule meetings and possibly wait days or weeks to get a project in order. A meeting could be scheduled with employees within the same office or with clients within a close proximity, but those in other states or countries would have to be sent an email with the project information attached and then several emails later a decision would be made.

Not so in today’s world.

With the re-emergence of the instant message, companies can send meeting and project information to everyone involved with one click. Photos and graphs can be attached and viewed instantly and a constant conversation can take place immediately. Larger companies can also be provided with security using enterprise IM. Several larger providers of IM services offer this secure option. Smaller business can also benefit from consumer-based IM solutions. These are less expensive and are idea for small business. Whatever need a company has, instant messaging can help.