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How to Involve Successfully your Team into the World of Interoffice IM

September 21, 2016   Instant Messaging

If you plan on involving your personnel with a new interoffice instant messaging service there are some steps you need to follow in order to make sure that everyone would appreciate the idea and realize its benefits.

Step 1: Make sure everybody knows about it

A simple email to everybody in the office is enough to let your staff know about the new way of communication. Very briefly explain them the benefits of one such tool as the interoffice messaging and their log-in credentials. Let them know that this is important for the company and they can rely on your help if they need some assistance with the implementation.

Step 2: Show them how to use it

Install the interoffice messengers on each computer and gather them all so that you can show them how to use it and implement it in the most useful manner.

Step 3: Stimulate users’ activity

Once the interoffice messaging service is set to go, make sure that users will use it on their daily basis. Request co-workers to share files through the File-Transfer feature, ask them to discuss important work-related topics in Chat rooms, instead of making phone calls encourage them to test the Video call feature.

Fulfilling these steps successfully would show you an easier and a more useful way of communication. Always choose the most convenient tools such as Brosix to enjoy the many benefits of interoffice instant messaging.