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How Private Chat Apps Can Get You out of Trouble

April 25, 2018   Instant Messaging

Anyone who follows the news will be familiar with stories of messages and data ending up in the wrong hands. From ‘Wikileaks,’ to Edward Snowden, to US congressman’s compromising messages being made public, these stories illustrate the importance of ensuring that your communication is protected and secured. Of course there are less sensational cases of everyday data leaks that don’t make headlines, but nevertheless affect the public and put people at risk. And security and privacy aren’t the only areas where messaging and data sharing can get you in trouble, as anyone who has been caught chatting for personal reasons at work well knows.

With all of this in mind, how best can you keep yourself, and your data, out of trouble? Private messaging apps provide one of the best answers to this question. Below you’ll find specific suggestions for each of the three categories mentioned above: security, privacy and staying on task at work.


Sending messages over public or open source channels runs huge risks. Quite often the apps that we use are not up to industry standards when it comes to data protection, a worrying trend that holds true for some of the largest apps on the market. The best way to get out of trouble in this regard is to prevent it before it happens. By putting specific focus on prevention, you can often avoid troublesome situations before they happen.

As the old adage goes, the best offense is a good defense. This is no less true when it comes to online communications. While a fancy media response strategy can mitigate some of the costs of leaked information for large companies or public figures, it’s much more sustainable to focus on eliminating such scenarios before they happen. This isn’t as hard as it may seem either, given that there are several good options for secure private chat apps, as a simple comparison of options highlights. It’s best to choose an option that provides its customers with private messaging networks that have end to end encryption on all data transferred on the network. That means that all files transferred, or messages sent, cannot fall into the wrong hands.


Hand in hand with security comes privacy. Some information is not necessarily dangerous if leaked, but rather uncomfortable or embarrassing. Luckily the solutions for one also benefits the other, meaning that moving to a private message app you can ensure that you protect yourself from prying eyes as well. Data encryption not only prevents hacking or data leaks, but also guarantees that your message goes only to the intended recipient.

Focus, focus, focus!

Apart from protecting data leaks and hacks, there is a less sensational benefit to using private chat apps. One of the challenges with using any messaging app is the ease of distraction in business environments. Being online and available for all of your contacts to see while at work can easily lead to non-work related conversations. This is compounded even further given the common trend of using one chatting app for both personal and work related contacts.

In this regard, certain apps have a solution: the ability to limit which contacts users can chat with and when. This allows network administrators to ensure that employees are always focused while at work, and not easily tempted to enter into personal conversations during otherwise productive work periods. Certain private chatting apps allow the administrator to create customized contact lists, group chats and chat rooms, so that the right employees are better able to focus on collaborating with each other, and not tempted to wander in their communication while working.

In conclusion

Staying out of trouble when it comes to messaging and data sharing can mean several things, from Data security, to keeping your information private, to not drifting into personal communication art work. While the forms are several, the solution can be just one informed choice of the right tool. Private messaging apps, if properly encrypted and protected, can truly get you out of trouble, or, even better, prevent you from even getting there in the first place.