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These Organization Apps Will Change Your Life

Organization apps
This is the golden age of efficiency. The ubiquity of smartphones and tablets, coupled with innovative application technology, mean there’s never been a better time or easier way to boost your organization skills and capabilities. And the benefits of being organized, to both your professional and personal life, are...

Best Practices to Streamline Your Remote Meetings

Organize Remote Meeting
With the rise in distributed teams and work-from-home team members, remote meetings are becoming the new norm. True – all effective meetings require a strategy and planning. Unlike their in-person counterparts, though, remote meetings come with a new set of inherent challenges such as tech and connectivity issues, time...

How to Streamline Communication While Traveling on Business

communicate while travelling
Technology has transformed how businesses operate. Today, organizations of all sizes and types are increasingly made up of distributed teams, remote workers, and freelancers. Email and innovations in real-time connectivity effectively keep these teams in touch with each other, as well as with clients, partners, and individuals outside the...

Convince Your Boss to Get a Team Communication Tool Today

Convince Your Boss to Get a Team Communication Tool Today
Poor workplace communication takes many shapes: Over-reliance on dated communication methods Generational differences in communication styles Unproductive meetings with little purpose and, worse, no end result Ineffective internal processes which leave team members confused and frustrated The consequences are many – misunderstandings, hurt feelings, disagreements, and wasted time; all...

Instant Messaging Is Your Most Effective Business Solution

Instant Messaging Is Your Most Effective Business Solution
Enterprises face a growing number of challenges. And while oftentimes demands are sector-dependent and unique in nature, modern businesses nonetheless face common challenges, too. The biggest challenge – ensuring effective communication. In fact, poor communication leads to wasted time, disengagement, reduced confidence, and costs companies millions each year. Other... is the new Brosix Personal

Brx World
Brosix personal users can now use in order to experience a free secure messenger application with a multitude of features. is a community of Brosix’s personal users, and is a great way to experience the main benefits of Brosix Instant Messenger at no cost. gives its...

4 Actionable Ways to Achieve Customer Success

Customer Success
Your customers are the lifeblood of your enterprise. Naturally, that means offering top notch support in their times of need, concern, and curiosity. More importantly, though, it means taking persistent and consistent steps to ensure your customers remain successful – satisfied, loyal, convinced at what you can do for...

How to Manage Teams of Digital Nomads

Manage Digital Nomads
In 2018, a study from MBO Partners showed that 7.8 million Americans are currently working full-time as digital nomads. More than 17 million people aspire to be digital nomads. The trend is more visible in some industries than others, but the fact is you could be running your own...