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Brosix Version 3.4

Brosix Instant Messenger Version 3.4 Brosix is pleased to announce that the latest version of Brosix Instant Messenger, version 3.4 is being released this week. This version includes a few new features that we are sure our readers will love, including: Magnifying Glass Screenshot Feature: This feature helps the...

Brosix for iPhone Version 1.6

iPhone notifications
Mobile Enterprise Instant Messaging for iPhone with Push Notifications Brosix is pleased to announce that the latest version of the Brosix for iPhone app, version 1.6 has now been released Download Brosix for iPhone This version includes Push notifications, something that is quite useful for the popular instant messaging...

Brosix version 3.3.4

Brosix is pleased to announce the release of its latest version of instant messaging software, Brosix Version 3.3.4. This version of Brosix still has the same features you know and love, with a few improvements: Anti-Virus Check: The new version of Brosix will have Anti-virus check. It will scan...

Brosix Web Control Panel

web control panel
In addition to the current features, we have added several that will Improve functionality, security, and efficiency of the Brosix web control panel: New Login Field With the updated version of the Brosix web control panel, a new way of logging in has been introduced. In the past, users...

Chat Client Website Integration

chat client
Brosix Allows Chat Client Website Integration   Brosix allows companies and instant messaging clients to integrate Brosix into websites as an online chat client. Our developers recently added more functionality to this feature, which was originally launched in 2011. Brosix developers are consistently working toward developing new and useful features...

Brosix Active Directory Sync

Brosix offers active directory syncronization
Brosix’s Active Directory Sync helps enterprise users synchronize their user accounts to Brosix instant messaging network Brosix is implementing full active directory synchronization. Active Directory is used by most of the enterprise users because it is very convenient at work when an employee needs to work from a different...

New Servers

servers new
New Servers Upgrade We are upgrading our cloud infrastructure and we will change some servers that serve your Instant Messaging network. This upgrade will go smooth and does not require any action from you. If you use a corporate firewall or router you may need to add to the...

Brosix version 3.3

The new version of Brosix provides current and new customers with improved features and functionality Brosix continues its commitment to providing customers and clients with one of the most well-supported enterprise instant messengers by offering regular updates as needed on a routine basis. More important improvements included in version...

Best Messenger of 2012

Best Messenger 2012
Brosix Comes in First Place in 2012 Awards The Brosix team is pleased to announce that Brosix Instant Messenger was voted one of the top instant messaging programs in the following categories in the 2012 Readers’ Choice Awards: 1st place in “Best Enterprise(Business) IM of 2012“: Brosix...

Brosix 3.2 is available

Brosix 3.2 is released today and everyone who thrills to try the new features and improvements of the newest version will have the chance to do it now! New major features and improvements: High resolution video Improved audio calls – new echo cancellation technology Folder (with many files) transfer...
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