Why to use am instant messenger for workplace

7 Reasons to Use a Work Instant Messenger

September 3, 2019   Instant Messaging

As a business professional, you’re likely aware of the importance of communicating in a fast, efficient, and productive manner. Unfortunately, many people continue to fall short in this area. While the reasons could vary, it may simply be that they’re not using the right technology.

Fortunately, there is a tool that can help empower your employees to be even more productive and collaborative – Work Instant Messaging (IM). Business IM is a technology on the rise, building off of recent advances in the field of IM. With this technology, users can communicate and collaborate in a highly efficient manner through a range of features beyond simply sending and receiving messages. Better yet, it can be used by companies of all sizes, spanning a variety of industries.

Instant messaging continues to experience huge growth among both personal and business consumers, with the Radicati Group reporting that:

In 2019, the number of worldwide IM accounts (not including Mobile Messaging) total over 7.0 billion. This figure is expected to grow at an average annual rate of about 6% over the next four years, and reach over 8.9 billion by the end of 2023.

As IM solutions become increasingly feature-rich offering one-on-one and group chat, collaboration tools, and stronger security, an ever-increasing number of companies are realizing that it’s one of the best ways for their employees to communicate.

The reason is simple – Business IM affords companies the technology to create an environment that’s both collaborative and administrative, increasing team communication and productivity.

What are the Benefits?

Instant messaging as a general tool brings many benefits regardless of the environment it’s used in, but businesses can experience specific benefits when using IM for work in a work setting. To help you better understand exactly what they are, below you’ll find the top 7 reasons to use an Instant Messenger in your workplace:

  1. Instant Communication

The speed of communication in your business is crucial, as many work functions depend on your employees’ ability to quickly ask for and receive information. As the name suggests, Business Instant Messengers allow you to communicate with others in real time, with no delays such as those associated with email communication. As long as the other person is available, you can hold a conversation instantly, meaning quicker and more efficient communication.

  1. Improved Efficiency and Productivity

Every business thrives on the productivity of its employees, and this is certainly the case for your business. If you’re wondering how to further increase your employees’ productivity, a Work Instant Messenger can be the right tool for your team. With this technology, employees can communicate efficiently and stay engaged, both key factors for increasing productivity.

As workplaces today are teeming with productivity killers, you need every possible advantage at your disposal.

When used to their maximum potential, work instant messengers can mitigate:

  • Unproductive multitasking
  • Ineffective meetings
  • Inefficient communication channels

In turn, your team can reinvest that added time and energy into their work and their well-being.

  1. To Save Money

Save money
Like many companies, you’ve probably got some frivolous expenditures which you’d like to dispose of. In many instances, Work Instant Messengers help you reduce inefficient overhead and operating costs.

  • By offering real-time communication and collaboration tools in one package, Work Instant Messengers can help you consolidate your toolkit
  • By using video chat and whiteboard conferences, for example, you can simulate face-to-face interactions, possibly replacing costly in-person meetings where travel is involved
  • By affording you text chat, chat rooms, and voice and video capabilities, business instant messaging can help you reexamine and potentially eliminate expensive phone plans

  1. People Like Using It

Simply put, people enjoy using instant messaging. For starters, it’s familiar. IM technology is so much a part of everyday life that most of your employees will feel completely at ease using a Work Instant Messenger.

It can also be exciting to know that you’re using dynamic, cutting-edge technology. For example, you could use a virtual whiteboard and video chat to facilitate interactive team-building games like Charades and Pictionary. You could also use the technology to check in with remote or international teams around their holidays, or even to hold virtual cafe sessions and share meals.

  1. Communicate with Remote Workers

As you may know, companies are now allowing more and more people to work from home, or employing entirely remote employees. Along with this, some companies have offices in locations all over the world. Engaging employees is crucial for the success of your business, but oftentimes businesses ignore remote employees in their engagement efforts.

Working with employees only through email and the occasional phone call will most likely leave your remote team members feeling disconnected and isolated. Business Instant Messaging, however, ensures that all of your employees, regardless of their location, have the means to foster meaningful communication, facilitate interactive teamwork, and even streamline mundane processes like remote meetings.

  1. Full of Features

All in One features package
High-quality Work Instant Messengers are equipped with a wide range of innovative IM features, and more are being developed by the day.

Screen sharing and instant screenshot simplify how-to explanations, visual demonstrations, and many tech support processes, while peer-to-peer unlimited size file transfers eliminate annoying size and data restrictions, as well as vulnerable third-party servers and cloud databases.

Odds are that whatever your communication and collaboration needs are, there’s a feature that will help you meet them.

  1. Easy to Implement and Administer

The time needed to set up and administer a Work Instant Messenger has been greatly reduced over the years. Nowadays, you can get a private team network up and running within a matter of minutes, instantly allowing you to not only take full advantage of the technology, but also administer who can join the platform.

What’s more, robust enterprise tools like chat room controls, contact management, and features control provide the ability to customize chat spaces, who can chat with whom, and who has access to which features.


While this list certainly isn’t comprehensive, these 7 reasons should provide you with a good basis on which to decide whether a Business Instant Messenger is the right tool for your workplace.

If you’re still on the fence, the best thing you can do is experiment with this technology to get a better idea of what it can bring to your company. You might just uncover a new benefit not mentioned here!