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Group Chat Messaging: Could it Work for Your Business?

January 22, 2018   Instant Messaging

Are you searching for a better way to communicate with your team? Is efficiency and productivity on your mind? Are you willing to experiment with all types of technology, hoping to find something that works for the majority of your company?

While there are many opportunities in today’s day and age – ranging from text messaging to social media to email – you should never overlook the power of an instant messaging application.

Many people never give this a second look because they don’t realize the true power of instant messaging. Instead, they assume that this provides nothing more than the ability to send and receive text-based messages in real time. This may be the foundation, but it goes way deeper than this.

For example, Brosix offers a variety of IM features, all of which are built to help companies communicate in a more efficient and effective manner.

Why it Could Work

From the outside looking in, you may struggle to understand how group chat messaging could benefit your company. This is why you need to give one of these programs a try. It’s not until then that you can fully realize what’s available to you.

With Brosix, you gain access to many high-level features, some of which will immediately transform the way your team communicates.

Here are some of these features, including what they can do for you:

  • Chat Rooms
  • Do you ever have the urge to schedule a conference call or in person meeting with multiple people? While this may be a way of life for your business, you don’t have to remain stuck in the past. You can use a Chat room to hold a real-time conversation with multiple members of your network, all with the idea of boosting productivity.

  • Broadcast message
  • Are you seeking a way to share an important announcement with everyone on your contact list? While an email could do the trick, you never know if it will reach everyone in a timely manner. With Brosix, however, you have the opportunity to send a real-time announcement without any hassle.

  • Text conference
  • It doesn’t matter if you need to collaborate on a project with a large group or if you simply want to discuss an issue in the office with a couple of coworkers, you can use the text conference feature to do so in a fast, efficient, and safe manner.

  • Tabbed chat
  • Let’s face it: there will be times when you need to separately communicate with more than one person at the same time. This can be a challenge with other forms of communication, but not when you’re using Brosix. With tabbed chat, you can keep track of multiple conversations in one window. Not only does this increase speed, but it also makes the best use of your screen space.

How to Get Your Team Involved

The biggest issue with instant messaging is that your team may not be as excited about this as you. Subsequently, you may run into issues when discussing why this is so important to the company as a whole.

Fortunately, when you take the right approach, it’s easy to get your team on the same page. Your goal is simple: to do whatever it takes to get everyone as excited about instant messaging as you are.

Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Talk up the features, showing how they can be used on a daily basis to improve productivity, cut back on stress, and save time
  • Take things slow, giving everyone enough time to learn the ins and outs of instant messaging and how it can benefit them
  • Provide a high level of service, ensuring that you are available to answer questions about the technology

Remember this: an instant messaging application is only as good as the people who use it.

If you’re the only person using the program, it goes without saying that it won’t do you any good. However, once your entire team gets on board with the idea, everything will come together. This is when you can really take full advantage of everything an IM has to offer.

It’s the Future

Group chat messaging is the future of enterprise communication. It’s fast, it’s effective, and in many cases, it’s much more affordable than other strategies.

While this technology will continue to advance as the years go by, you don’t want to wait around to see what happens. Doing so will only solidify your spot as a follower (not a leader) in your industry.

If you want to improve internal communication, it’s time to use an instant messenger.

Final Thoughts

Group chat messaging is becoming more and more popular with each passing day. As long as you have a clear idea of what it can do for your company, you won’t be able to find any reason to put this on the backburner.

Do you have any experience with a business instant messenger? Are you looking forward to using group chat messaging more in the future? Share your past experiences and future goals in the comment section below. Your feedback may be able to help other business professionals improve the way they communicate.